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The South Denali Implementation Plan and EIS

Record of Decision

Economic Impacts of the South Denali Implementation Plan

The South Denali Implementation Plan, completed in 2006, provides specific direction for expanded visitor facilities and recreational opportunities in the South Denali region, while protecting the cultural and natural resource values of the area, and preserving quality of life for residents in nearby communities. The Plan outlines the development of new facilities and enhancements and suggests exploring cooperative efforts for implementation and maintenance through public and private sector support.

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Due to the file size we have broken the EIS narrative into sections:

EIS Narrative
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The approved Record of Decision for the South Denali Implementation Plan and EIS allows federal funding to be used for plan implementation. This document was signed by the agency partners on June 30, 2006. Click on the link above to view a PDF of the document.

South Denali Economic Impacts Assessment: Key Findings
*Preliminary data from "South Denali Economic Assessment" Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska, January 2008.

Employment Increases: visitor Center construction and related construction activities will provide employment for 116-213 people, over a period of 2-3 years. Ongoing employment created by the Visitor Center and related activities, including additional hotel room, would be 221-549 jobs.

Increase in Employment and Business Owner Income: over a 2-3 year period, Visitor Center construction related income will range from $6.8 million to $12.4 million.  Ongoing Visitor Center related employment income, including additional hotel facilities, etc., will range from $7.6 million.

Additional Tourism Expenditures: tourism expenditures stimulated by the existence of the Visitor Center will range from $17.8 million to $44.8 million per year.

Non-Resident Visitor Increase: The increase in non-resident visitors stimulated by the new Visitor Center will range from a 10% increase in visitors staying an additional half day, to a 20% increase of visitors staying an additional day.  It will also result in a likely 10%-20% increase in 3-day, 2-night land tours provided by major companies.

For the complete copy of the Economic Impacts of the South Denali Implementation Plan Click here.

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