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Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation Permits

Two types of permits are available within areas managed by the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation for activities that are restricted by statute, regulation, park plan, or policy. Please note that permits are not needed for regular recreational activities within the park system, such as camping, hiking, boating, skiing, etc.

Special Park Use Permits

Special Park Use Permits are issued under the authority of 11 AAC 18.010 by the local area park offices for:

  1. An organized or promoted assembly of more than 20 persons. Examples – company picnic, family reunion, scout groups, weddings
  2. Any promotional or entertainment event, including an organized athletic event, competitive recreational event, or spectator event, whether or not an admission fee is charged. Examples – trail race, ski event, bike event
  3. Camping within a developed campground for longer than 15 consecutive days in a calendar year or longer than the period designated by the director for the site or area in which the camp is made.
  4. Using a state park for recurring or permanent motorized access, including aircraft landings and takeoffs across land or water closed to motorized use.
  5. Occupying a campsite with more than the allowed number of vehicles.

Please contact your nearest park office for help with these permit requests.

Director's Order Regarding Special Use Permit Fees

With a Special Park Use Permit, some park facilities can be reserved for exclusive use, such as picnic shelters and group use sites. For other special activities, where a specific facility is not needed, a permit must still be issued and the area of the park used must be shared with other park visitors.

Special Use Permit Application (PDF) - Included with the application is a list of standard, general stipulations. When you are issued a permit, it may also include additional special stipulations applicable to your specific situation. Please return your completed application to the park office located nearest you.

Other Activities that require a Special Park Use Permit:

Camping within the upper Wood-Tikchik Management Area - Camping and Floating Permits within Wood-Tikchik State Park for the following areas: Tikchik River, Nishlik Lake, Slate Lake, Upnuk Lake and Chikuminuk Lake).

Field Archaeology Permit - required for archaeology work on state land.

Lynx Lake Road Access Permits within the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area.
           - Lynx Lake Road Access Permit Director's Determination

Nancy Lake State Recreation Area Boat Storage Permits

Dock Structure Permits on State Park Waters - Docks on Mat-Su Valley Park Waters.

Special Park Use Permits are issued under the authority of 11 AAC 18.010 by the Division Director’s Office for:

  1. Placing an improvement, structure, or property within a park. Examples – private docks, commercial docks used by lodges, commercial mooring buoys
  2. Discharging explosives.
  3. Conducting exploration, scientific research, or information collection.
  4. Any other incompatible use as defined under regulation or that does not otherwise have lawful recreation as its primary purpose.

Please contact the Director’s office permitting unit at parkpermitting@alaska.gov for help with these permit requests.

Commercial Use Permits

Current permit applications are available on this web page. Please send completed applications and questions to parkpermitting@alaska.gov.

Anyone conducting commercial activities within a unit of the State Park system must obtain, in advance, a permit issued by the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation. Examples of commercial activities include guided activities, charter services, transportation services, and outfitting, supply or equipment sales or rentals within state parks.

Select the application form below based on the type of commercial activities you propose. Each application form is available in fillable PDF format, which allows you to enter your information directly into the form using Adobe Reader. Once completed, save the form to your computer, print and sign the form, and email to parkpermitting@alaska.gov.

2022 Commercial Use Permit Application (Printable and fill version ) or (Fillable version) - for guided activities, charter services, transportation services, and outfitting, supply or equipment sales or rentals

2022 Commercial Filming and Photography Application – application for commercial filming and photography in a state park

Kenai River Guides in KRSMA 

Commercial Use Permit fees are explained in Director's Order #328.

For more information on commercial use permits, contact parkpermitting@alaska.gov or call the DNR Public Information Center at 907-269-8400.

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"The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides outdoor recreation opportunities and conserves and interprets natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the people."

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