QUONSET HUT (1941-1960)

Quonset Hut is a easily identified architectural form. Engineers at Quonset Point Naval Air Station in Rhode Island designed the building type in 1941. The location provided the name for the form. As soon as the building type was developed, other companies quickly developed their own versions. Other huts that were developed included the Pacific, Emkay, Armco, and Jamesway. After World War II, numerous surplus Army related huts started to be used by the general public as commercial and residential buildings.

Primary Stylistic Features
  • Barrel shape.
  • Curved steel ribs.
  • Corrugated metal.
Secondary Stylistic Features
  • False fronts.
  • Tongue and groove plywood floors.
  • Shed dormers.

Evaluation Considerations

Quonset Huts will only be eligible as components to a Quonset Hut historic district or mixed style district. To be eligible, Quonset Huts must have all the primary stylistic features and retain a high degree of integrity.