Alaska's Historic Preservation Plan Update

Saving Our Past: Planning for the Future

Although our current plan, Saving Our Past, will take us through 2017, it is time to begin assessing what has been accomplished so far, address current challenges, and identify new opportunities for preservation in Alaska. Our new plan will guide preservation activities in the state from 2018 through 2023.

Planning timeline:

Public Outreach - spring to fall 2016, Draft Plan - public comment April 1 through June 1 2017, then final plan submitted to NPS September 31, 2017

A vision for Historic Preservation in Alaska

Alaskans respect our collective heritage. We view historic preservation as an essential strategy to promote our communities unique identities and as an important component of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Alaskans are empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to advocate for an inclusive approach to preservation that is appropriately balanced with development. Alaska's preservation community includes a network of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and disciplines. We work in partnership to identify, preserve, protect, an interpret the state's cultural, historic, and archaeological resources ensuring that our heritage is passed on to future generations.

Goals and Objectives

Seven key issues (Education, Partnerships, Survey and Documentation, Preservation and Protection, Sustainability, Local Preservation, and Funding and Incentives) emerged after reviewing comments received though our public outreach in 2016. The following draft goals and objectives were developed to address these preservation issues. You can provide your comments on these goals and objective here. We will take comments from April 1-June 1 2017.

Draft Goals

Goal 1: Increase knowledge and understanding of Alaska’s heritage.

  1. Interpret Archaeological and Historic sites to educate the public.
  2. Improve awareness of and access to information about Alaska's heritage.
  3. Create educational programs to engage Alaska youth.
  4. Support preservation in higher education programs.
  5. Expand efforts that focus on the history and culture of Alaska Natives.

Goal 2: Identify new and strengthen current partnerships to preserve and protect, educate and advocate for Alaska’s cultural resources.

  1. Develop new partnerships.
  2. Strengthen relationships with Alaska Native people and Native organizations.
  3. Strengthen coordination, cooperation, and collaboration amongst government agencies.
  4. Expand opportunities for collaboration among Alaska communities, organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and cultural groups.

Goal 3: Identify, document, and designate Alaska’s cultural resources.

  1. Conduct survey and inventory proactively.
  2. Improve and expand the statewide inventory of cultural resources.
  3. Prepare more historic contexts.
  4. Increase National Register listings.
  5. Increase coordination and training among the professional preservation community in the identification, documentation, and designation of cultural resources.
  6. Use new technology for the survey and documentation of Alaska's cultural resources.

Goal 4: Preserve and protect Alaska’s cultural resources.

  1. Encourage appropriate treatment of cultural resources.
  2. Identify threats to historic and archaeological resources from natural and manmade disasters and develop ways to take action to protect these resources.
  3. Increase training opportunities on the preservation and protection of cultural resources.
  4. Position historic preservation to be more fully integrated into land use decision making processes.
  5. Develop and implement appropriate curation and collection standards.

Goal 5: Increase awareness of the environmental, social, and economic benefits of historic preservation.

  1. Promote heritage tourism.
  2. Promote the economic benefits of historic preservation.
  3. Emphasize the environmental benefits of historic preservation.
  4. Promote the social benefits of historic preservation.

Goal 6: Strengthen local preservation efforts.

  1. Educate local government officials and staff about the benefits of historic preservation.
  2. Integrate historic preservation into local and regional decision making.
  3. Strengthen Alaska's Certified Local Government (CLG) program.
  4. Connect Alaskans to historic preservation within their communities.
  5. Assist Alaska Native governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Goal 7: Strengthen and expand financial incentive programs.

  1. Increase incentives to foster interest in the rehabilitation of historic buildings.
  2. Promote existing programs for the preservation of historic properties.
  3. Develop incentive programs in the private and nonprofit communities.
  4. Make funding resources known.
  5. Secure and maintain Historic Preservation funding for Alaska's cultural resources.
  6. Develop creative options to fund historic preservation.

Who to contact:

Summer Louthan, Architectural Historian/CLG Coordinator

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