Saving Our Past

Although our current plan, Saving Our Past, will take us through 2017, it’s time to begin assessing what has been accomplished so far, address current challenges, and identify new opportunities for preservation in Alaska to guide us through 2023.

The plan will:

  • Promote the stewardship, protection, and reuse of Alaska’s historic properties,
  • Empower local communities, organizations, and individuals to action, and
  • Influence historic preservation policy in state and local governments.

What Places Matter to You?

The most important aspect of developing a preservation plan is your opinion! We want to know what historic places in your community matter most to you. This is your opportunity to influence the direction of the preservation movement in the state over the next five years. Join us in this cooperative effort to preserve Alaska’s cultural heritage.

If you have comments or questions you can contact Summer Louthan at


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