Cover Sheets for SHPO Report submittals

Cover sheets are required for SHPO report submittals beginning July 1, 2006. In an effort to streamline the entry of AHRS data, OHA requests that all report submittals be accompanied by a check list and one-page cover sheet with summary information. Draft forms have been used successfully by a few investigators on a voluntary basis for more than a year. After July 1, 2006, compliance reports missing coversheets will be returned to the sender.

Justification: There is currently a backlog of data buried in reports and awaiting AHRS entry. OHA staff and interns presently must "excavate" essential information from the depths of reports. This can be a daunting and time consuming task, particularly for interns not yet seasoned in Alaska archaeology or cultural resource management. The intent of the cover sheet is to redirect this burden to the report authors. The authors are generally the most familiar with their report contents, and can capture summary data quickly and accurately. This small time investment will ultimately benefit all AHRS users by making database entries more current and accurate. Similar sheets are being used successfully by most other states.

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Cutural Resources Report Checklist

Alaska Cultural Resources Report Coversheet


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