Proposed Park Regulation Changes for the Kenai River Special Mgmt. Area

Following closely on the heels of Lt. Governor Parnell's January 31st approval of the Kenai River boat and motor regulations, DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin has announced that the Department of Natural Resources is proceeding with a new regulation proposal that would require all motors used within the Kenai River Special Management Area (KRSMA) to be cleaner-burning motors, regardless of the time of year, effective Jan. 1, 2013. Old technology two-stroke motors will no longer be permitted after this proposed date, with the only motors permitted being four-stroke or Direct Fuel Injected two-stroke motors.

The regulations that will be effective on March 1, 2008 will prohibit the use of old two-stroke motors in the KRSMA during the month of July only, or when a motor is larger than 35 horsepower. A provision that would have banned all old two-stroke motors in the Kenai River Special Management Area in 2010 was carved out of the approved regulation package due to concerns that the public needed more time to make the transition to cleaner-burning motors.

The public comment period for the new regulation proposal that will limit boaters to only four-stroke or Direct Fuel Injected two-stroke motors starting in 2013 will end on March 7, 2008. If in response to DNR's November 21, 2006 NOTICE OF PROPOSED CHANGES regarding boat and motor use in the KRSMA, a person submitted comments regarding the expiration date addressed in today's notice, additional comments do not need to be resubmitted under this notice, as those comments will be considered by the department before its adoption of regulation changes. However, the department welcomes additional written comments that one might have about the date proposed to be set in this notice.

New Regulations Fact Sheet

Proposed Notice