Jewels of The Alaska State Park System - Prince William Sound

Worthington Glacier

Worthington Glacier State Recreation Site features a short trail leading right to the blue ice of the glacier. High alpine tundra and many hanging glaciers make this an excellent area for photographers. Facilities include a interpretive viewing shelter, glacier viewing areas, and accessible trails.

Boating in Shoup bay SMP

Shoup Bay State Marine Park has a tidewater glacier that spills into an inner bay. The inner bay is full of a variety of nesting birds, and mountain goats and bears can be seen on the mountain slopes. There are camping opportunities and three public use cabins. Access to the park is by boat, 11 miles from Valdez, or a trail that links the inner bay to Valdez.

Surpise Cove SMP

Surprise Cove State Marine Park is a popular anchorage and camp area in Western Prince William Sound. The park is located along one of the most popular boating routes. It offers a very protected cove with wooded uplands surrounding a couple of lakes. The trail to the north lake offers great views and an opportunity to become acquainted with the temperate rain forests of Prince William Sound.