Jewels of The Alaska State Park System - Kodiak Area

Ft. Abercrombie SHP

Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park is perched on a forested headland on northeastern Kodiak Island. Visitors can explore the remains of an artillery fort which commemorates the history of World War II in Alaska. There is a campground, a picnic area, a freshwater lake, and spectacular ocean views. Trails wind through open meadows and under massive Sitka spruce stands. A ranger station provides visitor information.

Eagle Cape, Shuyak Island

Shuyak Island State Park comprises most of the acreage of Shuyak Island. The park has a coastal forest system, unique to the Kodiak Archipelago, which contains only one tree species: Sitka spruce. Besides a virgin Sitka spruce forest, the park includes miles of rugged coastline, beaches and protected waterways. The land and water of the area host seabirds in infinite variety. Otters share the sea with whales, harbor seals, sea lions, and Dall porpoises. Kodiak brown bear and Sitka black-tailed deer inhabit the islands's forests.