Granite Tors Trail

(Chena - Northern Region)


The Granite Tors in Chena River State Recreation Area are a popular destination for both local and visiting climbers. The trail to the tors begins at the Tors Trail Campground, mile 39.5 Chena Hot Springs Road. The trail is a 15-mile loop, with the west trail offering a shorter but steeper route to the tors. The tors were formed 70 million to 90 million years ago when molten rock pushed upward and cooled before reaching the surface. The granite formations were exposed by the erosion of the surrounding earth which revealed the towering spires we see today.

People visiting the Tors in the early spring may find pasque flowers, or crocus, growing in the warm areas. In June and July, visitors will see the face of Munson Ridge covered with a variety of wildflowers; poppies, anemones, and the yellow blossoms of the thorough wax plant. Look for the arctic harebells towards late summer.

Weather conditions on the tors can change quickly. Follow these guidelines to make your day at the tors safe and enjoyable: Wear suitable footwear and carry warm clothes and rain gear. Bring insect repellent or netting to ward off persistent pests. Because water sources are not reliable in dry weather, you should bring at least one day's supply of water. Be cautious and alert for the presence in your area of bears. Finally, always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.

  •  Access: Spring, Summer, Fall
  •  Travel Time:
  •  Distance: 15 miles
  •  Elevation Gain:
  •  Difficulty: Moderate


Trailhead is at Mile 56.5 Chena Hot Springs Road.