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Water Databases

The Alaska Hydrologic Survey maintains several public information databases, in various formats. To obtain information from the unlinked databases below, contact Kevin Petrone at (907) 269-8646.

Alaska Groundwater Database

The Alaska Groundwater Database provides depths to groundwater from measuring points collected by local, state, and federal cooperative partners. Groundwater and air temperatures are also available for several groundwater stations.


The Alaska Water Use Data System (AKWUDS) serves as a dual-purpose online water use reporting system/database. This system allows water right/authorization holders to submit monthly water use data online and permits the public to download data entered into AKWUDS.


The Alaska Well Log Tracking System (WELTS) is the state repository for water well logs. WELTS serves as a dual-purpose online water well log reporting system/database. This system allows water well drillers to submit water well logs online and permits the public to download data entered into WELTS. Alaska Statute 41.08.020(b)(4) and Alaska Administrative Code 11 AAC 93.140(a) requires water well contractors to file water and aquifer data obtained, including but not limited to, well location, well driller's logs, pumping tests, flow measurements, estimated elevation, and water quality determinations within 45 days of well completion.


This database is a summary of stream characteristics resulting from an initial investigation into navigable streams within the state. The database has continued to grow as new data becomes available.


The Streams database provides a compilation of discrete discharge measurements conducted by Division of Mining, Land and Water personnel.


This is a compilation of lake data gathered during specific field projects within the state.


This is an index to water quality data collected by Hydrologic Survey staff.


E-mail: Kevin Petrone
Phone: (907) 269-8646