Water Databases

The Alaska Hydrologic Survey maintains several public information databases, in various formats. To obtain information from the unlinked databases below, contact Melissa Hill at (907) 269-8646.


This is a statewide well log tracking system database. It is an index to the files of over 35,000 well logs that have been submitted to the Hydrologic Survey, as required by state statute. Other well logs are obtained from various sources, including water rights aplications. Public access is supported and encouraged. The WELTS database provides water well logs searches, downloading of search results, and viewing and printing of well logs.


This database is a summary of stream characteristics resulting from an initial investigation into navigable streams within the state. The database has continued to grow as new data becomes available.


This is an electronic record of all discharge measurements made by the Hydrologic Survey staff over the years. Many are discrete, once only measurements, while others are from sites visited repeatedly during the term of specific projects.


This is an annual compilation of water use data gathered as part of the water rights management tasks performed by the Division of Mining, Land and Water. Many communities and other significant users of water are required to report their water usage.


This is a compilation of lake data gathered during specific field projects within the state.


This is an index to water quality data collected by Hydrologic Survey staff.


E-mail: Melissa HIll
Phone: (907) 269-8646