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Current and Past Projects

Current Projects

The databases continue to be maintained and are continually being updated. Distribution of data to the public and other users is of high priority.

  • Hydrologic support for Alaska's Surface Coal Mining Program
  • Hydrologic support for Large Mine Permitting and Compliance
  • Alyeska Ski Resort Stream Gaging
  • Tuluksak Stream Gaging
  • Unalaska Stream Gaging
  • Interior Alaska Stream Gaging and Sediment Sampling
  • Database Management and Maintenance
  • Support for the Water Management Section (including hydrologic analysis)
Past Projects
  • Old Harbor Stream Gaging (DCRA, Div of Energy/AK Village Elec. Coop)
  • Kenai River Mgmt Plan, Wetlands Work Group
  • Water quality assessment of Ship Creek, Anchorage, AK
  • Matanuska River drainage basin study
  • Hydrologic assistance on Indian fuel spill (DEC Contaminated Sites Program)
  • Old Hiland Dump ground-water investigation
  • Nonpoint pollution impacts from agriculture in Alaska's coastal zone
  • Water supply investigation at Chefornak, AK (Village Safe Water Program)
  • Groundwater investigation at Sterling, AK
  • Water resources assessment for proposed Shepard Point road, near Cordova, AK
  • Groundwater assessment at Alaska Railroad yard at Fairbanks, AK (USGS coop project)
  • Groundwater investigation at Nikiski, AK
  • Surface water resources of Glacier Creek watershed, Girdwood, AK
  • Water supply investigation at St. Paul, AK (Village Safe Water Program)
  • Water resources assessment for proposed Copper River highway
  • Recharge area delineation for Moonlight Springs near Nome, AK
  • Aquifer mapping at Anchor Point, AK