Tundra Travel Modeling Project

The Results are in and the News is Good!

The results of the Tundra Travel Modeling Project have given DNR the opportunity to expand the oil and gas exploration season for the North Slope while providing the same tundra protection that has been enjoyed over the last 10 years. The project results have been generated, providing new insight into the workings of the tundra related to vehicle disturbance resistance. With this new information based on sound science, DNR is able to make management decisions to advance the tundra opening dates on the North Slope.

To make the results publicly available and to help you better understand the management implications of the tundra travel project results we have included the following documents:

Introduction to Tundra Travel and the Modeling Project
Tundra Travel Management Strategy
         Ground Hardness Chart
Tundra Travel Modeling Project Executive Summary
Tundra Travel Modeling Project Report (without Appendices)

A. Opening and Closing Dates for Winter Tundra Travel
B. Treatment Type and Date by Cell
C. Plants Found in Study Areas
D. North Slope and Tundra Travel Management History
E. Graphs of Winter Characteristics
F. Graphs of Change in Characteristics
G. Micro-Topography and Permafrost Profiles by Plot Transect
H. Model Descriptions
I. Treatment Vehicle Specifications

Validation Study and Management Recomendations Report

Tundra Travel Modeling Project Raw Data

The following six links are text (.txt) files of raw data used in the project. They were originally designed to be imported into a SAS program but can be utilized in other programs as well.

To download the file, right mouse click and choose "SAVE TARGET AS" in Internet Explorer or "SAVE LINK TARGET AS" in Netscape to save the file to your pc.


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