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Rex Trail Management

Rex Trail Update - August 22, 2014

Recent Management Action

The Department has extended the 8/25/09 Amendment and will again be issuing permits to certain tracked rigs for the 2014 hunting season. Please see the Rex Trail Management homepage ( for additional information and specific conditions.

Update on the 5/12/08 Administrative Decision
and 8/25/09 Amendment:

The May 2008 and August 2009 decisions were appealed to the Commissioner of DNR. The Commissioner denied the appeals and upheld both DMLW decisions. The decisions were then appealed to the Alaska Superior Court, which upheld DNR's decisions on February 1, 2011. The Superior Court case was appealed to the Alaska Supreme court, which again upheld DNR�s decisions on November 23, 2012.

What's Next?

In 2013, DNR-DMLW contracted with Interior Trails to produce prescription reports for four discrete sections of the Rex Trail, each approximately ¼ to ½ mile in length and within the first nine miles of the trail. The prescription report evaluated four representative segments on the Rex Trail and provided four improvement prescriptions for each segment, two for the current level of use (ATV’s less than 1,500 pounds and tracked rigs less than ~2,500 pounds) and two for an expanded level of use (those uses plus vehicles less than 15,000 pounds).

The test plot locations are not in the same locations as the prescription report sites. This is because the test plot locations were created as a way to gauge the changing condition of the larger trail over time, whereas the prescription report sites were selected because they were preliminarily thought to be significantly degraded, potentially constructible, and potentially informative for possible treatment of other degraded sections of similar character.

In 2014, DNR-DMLW issued an informal request for proposal and contracted with the high bidder Gillmore Construction for construction of a small vehicle reroute on the fourth prescription site. The small vehicle reroute will create an approximately half-mile bypass route for ATV’s using a ditch and elevate with gravel cap technique, while leaving the main trail available for larger vehicles. DNR-DMLW chose to construct Site 4 for a variety of reasons, including less extensive wetland permitting requirements, cost of route construction, and availability of on-site gravel. Construction was originally planned to occur in July and August, 2014. However, record rainfall in June followed by near-record rainfall in July resulted in practically impassable trail conditions preventing summer construction; the contract was extended and construction is now planned for March 2015.

The Division will continue to monitor use of the trail and discuss changes to the Generally Allowed Use regulations (11 AAC 96. 020). Any trail user groups interested in trail hardening projects or trail reroutes should contact the Northern Region to discuss any appropriate solutions.

This site will be updated with news and information about this program.