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Rex Trail Updates

Program Updates

Rex Trail Update - August, 2018

Recent Management Action

The Department has extended the 8/25/09 Amendment and will again be issuing permits to certain tracked rigs for the 2018 and 2019 hunting season. Please see the Rex Trail Management homepage for additional information and specific conditions.

Rex Trail Monitoring Report

On August 5, 2016 the Department released their initial analysis of the Rex Trail monitoring data. The report can be found here.

Small Vehicle Reroute pilot project

For updates on the Small Vehicle Reroute pilot project, please visit here.

Seven Mile Lake Reroute

For updates on the Seven Mile Lake Reroute pilot project, please visit here.


The Department will continue to monitor use of the trail and discuss changes to the Generally Allowed Use regulations (11 AAC 96.020). Any trail user groups interested in hardening projects or trail reroutes should contact the Northern Region to discuss any appropriate solutions.

This site will be updated with news and information about this program.