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Susitna Forestry Guidelines

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF)

Includes: Summary of Purpose, Relationship to Land Use Plans and Legislation, Area Affected by Susitna Forest Guidelines, Planning Process, Who Implements the Guidelines

Chapter 2 Forest Management Guidelines
  • Section I (PDF) Forest Management Program
    Includes: Timber Sale Program and Timber Base, Personal Use Wood, Research Natural Area and Experimental Forests, Fire Management
  • Section II (PDF) Timber Sale Design and Management
    Includes: Public Use, Timber Sale Design, Harvesting Systems, Harvesting Schedules, Slash Disposal, Site Preparation, Reforestation, Use of Chemicals
  • Section III (PDF) Management of Special Areas
    Includes: Agricultural Lands, Bald Eagle Habitat, Brown Bear Habitat, Deception Creek, Fish and Wildlife Habitat – General, Heritage Sites, Marten Habitat, Moose Habitat, Private Lands, Recreation and Scenic Resources, Rivers, Streams, and Lakes, Trail Corridors, Trumpeter Swan Nesting Areas, Wetlands
  • Section IV (PDF) Access Design and Management
    Includes: Access Location and Design, Road Construction, Road Management
  • Section V (PDF) Public Notice and Interagency Coordination
Chapter 3 Implementation (PDF)

Includes: Procedures for Guideline Modification, Research, Recommended Changes in Land Use Plans, Funding and Enforcement, Rights-of-way

  • Appendix A (PDF) Glossary
  • Appendix B (PDF) Citizens’ Advisory Committee Participating Organizations
  • Appendix C-1 (PDF) Gross Timber Acreage by Subunit
  • Appendix C-2 (PDF) Gross Timber Volume by Subunit
  • Appendix D (PDF) Forest Land Use Plan Requirements
  • Appendix E (PDF) Recreation Opportunity Spectrum for the Susitna Forestry Guidelines Area
  • Appendix F (PDF) Requirements for Winter Travel
  • Appendix G (PDF) Acknowledgements, Planning Team, Staff, Technical Advisors and Signature Pages
  • Appendix H (PDF) Publications Related to the Guidelines

Index (PDF)

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