Susitna Basin Recreation Rivers Management Plan

Chapter 1 Introduction & Background (pdf)

Includes: Summary of Purpose, How to use this Plan, How this Document is Organized, Description of the Planning Area, Resources and Uses in the Plan Area, Why this Plan was Developed, How this Plan was Developed, What this Plan Covers and Does not Cover, Planning for State and Borough Lands, Summary of Plan Implementation and Modification, Summary of Changes to Major Plan Proposals, How you can Help

Chapter 2 Areawide Land & Water Management Policies
Chapter 3 Land & Water Mgmt. Policies for each Unit
  • Introduction Includes: Managements Intent, Delineation of Units and Subunits, Borough Lands

Index Map of Management Units

  1. Little Susitna River Management Unit
    1. Lower Little Susitna River Subunit
    2. Middle Little Susitna River Subunit
    3. Upper Little Susitna River Subunit
  2. Deshka River Management Unit
    1. Mouth of Deshka River Subunit
    2. Lower Deshka River Subunit
    3. Middle Deshka River Subunit
    4. Neil Lake Subunit
    5. The Forks Subunit
    6. Kroto Creek Subunit
    7. Lower Moose Creek Subunit
    8. Oilwell Road Subunit
    9. Upper Moose Creek Subunit
  3. Talkeetna River Management Unit
    1. Lower Talkeetna River Subunit
    2. Middle Talkeetna River Subunit
    3. Clear (Chunilna)Creek Subunit
    4. Talkeetna River Canyon Subunit
  4. Lake Creek Management Unit
    1. Lake Creek Mouth Subunit
    2. Lower Lake Creek Subunit
    3. Middle Lake Creek Subunit
    4. Upper Lake Creek Subunit
    5. Chelatna Lake Subunit
  5. Talachulitna River Management Unit
    1. Mouth of Talachulitna River Subunit
    2. Talachulitna River Canyon Subunit
    3. Middle Talachulitna River Subunit
    4. Talachulitna Creek Subunit
    5. Judd Lake Subunit
    6. Upper Talachulitna River Subunit
  6. Alexander Creek Management Unit
    1. Lower Alexander Creek Subunit
    2. Upper Alexander Creek Subunit
    3. Alexander Lake Subunit
    4. Sucker Creek Subunit
Chapter 4 Implementation (pdf)

Includes: Introduction, Areas Recommended for Designation as Recreation Rivers, Procedures for Plan Review, Modifications, and Amendment, Trails Action Plan, Other Recommendations, Agency Implementation Responsibilities


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