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1990 Nushagak and Mulchatna Rivers
Recreation Management Plan

Chapter 1Introduction

Includes: Why this plan was developed, What this plan covers and does not cover, How this plan applies to federal and private land, How the formation of the Lake and Peninsula Borough affects this plan, Description of the planning area, Map of management units

Chapter 2Goals, Management Intent, and Guidelines

Includes: Goals, Management Intent, and Management Guidelines that apply throughout the Plan

Chapter 3. Management Guidelines, Public se Sites, and Recommendations for Each Management Unit
  • Unit 1. Lower Nushagak River, Keefer Cutoff to Wood River
  • Unit 2. Iowithla River Corridor
  • Unit 3. Lower Nushagak River Corridor, Ekwok Vicinity
  • Unit 4. Kokwok River Corridor
  • Unit 5. Lower Nushagak and Mulchatna River Corridors, New Stuyahok Vicinity
  • Unit 6. Lower Nushagak Uplands
  • Unit 7. Middle Nushagak River Corridor, Koliganek Vicinity
  • Unit 8. Nuyakuk River Corridor
  • Unit 9. Middle Nushagak Corridor, Harris Creek to Nuyakuk River
  • Unit 10. Middle Nushagak Corridor, Chichitnok River to Harris Creek
  • Unit 11. Middle Nushagak Uplands
  • Unit 12. King Salmon River Corridor
  • Unit 13. Upper Nushagak and Chichitnok Rivers Corridor
  • Unit 14. Nushagak Hills
  • Unit 15. Lower Mulchatna River Corridor
  • Unit 16. Stuyahok River Corridor
  • Unit 17. Koktuli River Corridor
  • Unit 18. Middle Mulchatna River Corridor, Keefer Creek to Koktuli River
  • Unit 19. Lower Mulchatna Uplands
  • Unit 20. Middle Mulchatna River Corridor, Chilikadrotna River to Keefer Creek
  • Unit 21. Chilchitna River and Tutna Lake Corridor
  • Unit 22. Upper Mulchatna River Corridor
  • Unit 23. Chilikadrotna River Corridor
  • Unit 24. Half Cabin Lakes Area
  • Unit 25. Upper Mulchatna Uplands

Chapter 4. Implementation and Recommendations


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