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Individual land buyers, lessees of state land, or permittees who are unable to make their payments should immediately contact the Division of Mining, Land and Water (DMLW) to discuss ways to address their financial hardship and payments due, consistent with the COVID-19 Outbreak Health Order 1: Suspension of Laws and Appendix A, or the Director's Finding concerning extensions of certain land sale contract and lease payments, or the Commissioner's Order of Extension for mining payments.

Dalton Highway Master Plan

March 1998

Dalton Highway Master Plan – in one file (pdf 6 MB)

If the large file (above) is too large for your computer’s resources, the Dalton Highway Master Plan is divided into smaller sections (below) for your convenience.

Preface – (pdf 253 KB)

Includes: Cover / Executive Summary / Dalton Highway Advisory and Planning Board Members / Acknowledgments / Table of Contents

Chapters 1 thru 6 – (pdf 1.3 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Dalton Highway Background
Map 1: Dalton Highway from Yukon River to Deadhorse
– (pdf 64 KB)
Map 2: Land Ownership along the Dalton Highway
– (pdf 715 KB)
Chapter 3: Issues

Maps 3 thru 7 – (pdf 133 KB):

Map 3: Yukon River Crossing Development Node
Map 4: Coldfoot Development Node
Map 5: Chandalar Shelf Development Node
Map 6: Happy Valley Development Node
Map 7: Deadhorse Development Node

Chapter 4: Unresolved Issure
Chapter 5: Implementation and Evaluation
Chapter 6: Glossary

Appendices – (pdf 1 MB)

Appendix A: Governor’s memorandum creating the board Appendix B: Governor’s letter (sample) to each board member
Appendix C: Alaska Statute 19.40 – James Dalton Highway Appendix D: Dalton Highway Emergency Medical Services Draft Plan
Appendix E: General Land Status Map – (pdf 1.4 MB)
Appendix F: General Status of Alaska Statehood Grants as of January 1, 1994 Map – (pdf 1.2 MB)

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