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Management Plans in Print

To order any of the hard copy materials listed below, add $2.50 per publication for postage and send a check payable to "State of Alaska" with your name, address, phone number and the item(s) you are ordering to:

DNR Public Information Center
550 W 7th Ave, Suite 1360
Anchorage, AK 99501-3557
phone: (907) 269-8400
TDD: (907) 269-8411
fax:(907) 269-8901




  Bristol Bay $40.00
  Central/Southern Southeast Alaska $30.00
  Copper River Basin $15.00
     Copper River Basin  Brochure n/c
  Juneau State Land Plan $20.00
     Summary Brochure n/c
  Kenai Area Plan $35.00
  Kenai River Comprehensive Plan $15.00
  Kodiak $25.00
  Northern Southeast Alaska $30.00
  Northwest $20.00
  Prince of Wales Island (POWIAP) $35.00
  POWIAP Amendment (2008) $20.00
  Prince William Sound Brochure n/c
  Southeast Susitna $20.00
  Susitna $20.00
  Susitna Matanuska $23.00
  Upper Yukon $13.00
  Yakataga $20.00



    Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve $10.00
    Chena River State Recreation Area Contact State Parks
    Denali State Park Contact State Parks
    Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park Contact State Parks
    Hatcher Pass $18.00
    Kachemak Bay State Park & Wilderness Park $10.00
    Nushagak & Mulchatna Rivers Rec. Mgt. Plan $7.50
    Shuyak Island State Park $10.00
    PWS & Resurrection Bay State Marine Parks $10.00
    Susitna Basin Rec. River Mgt. Plan $15.00
         Appendix H: Wetlands & Floodplains $ 5.00
         Resource Assessment $15.00
         Summary Brochure n/c
    Turnagain Arm $ 5.00
    Wood-Tikchik State Park $10.00



    Bristol Bay $10.00
    Copper River Basin $8.00
    Kenai $15.00
    Kodiak Island n/c
    Northwest - Kotzebue $8.00
    Northwest - Nome $8.00
    Prince William Sound n/c



    Alaska Recreational Trail Plan $10.00
    Denali to Wrangell-St Elias: Assessment & Mgt $10.00
    Flood Hazard Studies-Tanana, Nushagak-Wood,    Beluga, Talkeetna Subbasin $5.00
    Promised Land $10.00
    Susitna River Basin Study: Willow Subbasin
    Resource Report

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