Prince William Sound Public Access Atlas

The first link on this page is for the entire document, which is quite large and may take considerable time to download on certain internet connections. The other links will take you to specific sections or pages for faster downloads.

PDF file of entire easement atlas (PDF) Note: Once this PDF file is open, clicking on items in the Table of Contents will take you to corresponding sections.

Vicinity Map (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)
Cover, Project Team, Acknowledgements, Land Ownership and Management Contacts, Navigability, Easements, Glossary, Funding Sources for Trail Projects

Maps and Reserved Easements

The maps are USGS quadrangles. To find easements that have been reserved, click on the title of the quad map for that area. If you’re not sure which USGS quadrangle to view, refer to a USGS key map, or the Vicinity Map (PDF).

Anchorage A-1, A-2 (PDF)

Anchorage A-3, A-4 (PDF)

Anchorage B-1, B-2 (PDF)

Anchorage B-3, B-4 (PDF)

Bering Glacier A-1, A-2 (PDF)

Bering Glacier A-3, A-4 (PDF)

Bering Glacier A-5, A-6 (PDF)

Bering Glacier A-7, A-8, Icy Bay D-8 (PDF)

Bering Glacier B-1, B-2 (PDF)

Bering Glacier B-3, B-4 (PDF)

Bering Glacier B-5, B-6 (PDF)

Bering Glacier B-7, B-8 (PDF)

Bering Glacier C-3, C-4, C-5 (PDF)

Bering Glacier C-6, C-7, C-8 (PDF)

Bering Glacier D-5, D-6, D-7 (PDF)

Bering Glacier D-8, Cordova D-1 (PDF)

Blying Sound D-1, D-2 (PDF)

Blying Sound D-3, D-4 (PDF)

Blying Sound D-5, D-6, D-7 (PDF)

Cordova A-1, A-2 (PDF)

Cordova A-3, A-4 (PDF)

Cordova A-7, A-8, B-8 (PDF)

Cordova B-1, B-2 (PDF)

Cordova B-3 (PDF)

Cordova B-4 (PDF)

Cordova B-5 (PDF)

Cordova B-6 (PDF)

Cordova B-7 (PDF)

Cordova C-1 (PDF)

Cordova C-2 (PDF)

Cordova C-3 (PDF)

Cordova C-4 (PDF)

Cordova C-5 (PDF)

Cordova C-6 (PDF)

Cordova C-7 (PDF)

Cordova C-8 (PDF)

Cordova D-2 (PDF)

Cordova D-3 (PDF)

Cordova D-4, D-5 (PDF)

Cordova D-6 (PDF)

Cordova D-7 (PDF)

Cordova D-8 (PDF)

Icy Bay D-1 (PDF)

Icy Bay D-2, D-3 (PDF)

Middleton Island B-7 (PDF)

Middleton Island D-1, D-2 (PDF)

Seward A-1 (PDF)

Seward A-2 (PDF)

Seward A-3 (PDF)

Seward A-4 (PDF)

Seward A-5, A-6 (PDF)

Seward B-1 (PDF)

Seward B-2 (PDF)

Seward B-3 (PDF)

Seward B-4 (PDF)

Seward B-5, B-6 (PDF)

Seward C-1 (PDF)

Seward C-2 (PDF)

Seward C-3 (PDF)

Seward C-4 (PDF)

Seward C-5, C-6 (PDF)

Seward D-1 (PDF)

Seward D-2 (PDF)

Seward D-3 (PDF)

Seward D-4 (PDF)

Seward D-5 (PDF)

Valdez A-1, A-2, McCarthy A-8 (PDF)

Valdez A-3 (PDF)

Valdez A-4 (PDF)

Valdez A-5 (PDF)

Valdez A-6 (PDF)

Valdez A-7 (PDF)

Valdez A-8 (PDF)

Valdez B-6, B-7, B-8 (PDF)


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