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Kodiak Island Index Map

Index Map

View the map below to determine which USGS quad map you are interested in. Then click on the map name in the table below the map to view the map(s) or text in PDF format.

NOTE: Each PDF file consists of a map or maps, and the text page or pages for that quad; in some cases 2 or 3 quads combined.

You must set the View in Acrobat Reader to Facing Pages, or scroll down to see the map, or use the arrow buttons on the navigation bar to be sure you view all the pages in each file. In the lower left hand corner of the Acrobat Reader screen, is a box that tells you how many pages are in that document, and which page is currently shown, example: Page 1 of 2, or Page 2 of 3, etc.

Introduction* (PDF)
see below
Glossary (PDF) Trails Management
Afognak A-1 (PDF) Afognak A-2 (PDF) Afognak A-3 (PDF)
Afognak A-4 (PDF) Afognak A-5 (PDF) Afognak A-0/B-0 (PDF)
Afognak B-1 (PDF) Afognak B-2 (PDF) Afognak B-3, B-4 (PDF)
Afognak C-1/C-2 (PDF) Afognak C-2/C-3 (PDF) Afognak C-5, C-6 (PDF)
Afognak D-1 (PDF) Afognak D-4, D-5 (PDF) Kaguyak C-6 (PDF)
Kaguyak D-5 (PDF) Kaguyak D-6 (PDF) Karluk A-1 (PDF)
Karluk A-2 (PDF) Karluk B-1 (PDF) Karluk B-2 (PDF)
Karluk B-3 (PDF) Karluk C-1 (PDF) Karluk C-2 (PDF)
Karluk C-4/C-5, C-6 (PDF) Karluk D-4, D-5, D-6 (PDF) Kodiak A-3 (PDF)
Kodiak A-4 (PDF) Kodiak A-5 (PDF) Kodiak A-6 (PDF)
Kodiak B-1/B-2 (PDF) Kodiak B-3 (PDF) Kodiak B-4 (PDF)
Kodiak B-5 (PDF) Kodiak B-6 (PDF) Kodiak C-1 (PDF)
Kodiak C-2 (PDF) Kodiak C-3 (PDF) Kodiak C-4/C-5 (PDF)
Kodiak C-6 (PDF) Kodiak D-1 (PDF) Kodiak D-2 (PDF)
Kodiak D-3 (PDF) Kodiak D-4 (PDF) Kodiak D-4, D-5 (PDF)
Ugashik A-1/A-2, A-3 (PDF) Ugashik B-1 (PDF) Ugashik B-2 (PDF)
Ugashik C-1, C-2 (PDF) Mt. Katmai A-1, A-2 (PDF) Mt. Katmai A-3, A-4, A-5 (PDF)
Mt. Katmai B-1 (PDF) Mt. Katmai B-2, B-3, B-4 (PDF) Mt. Katmai C-1 (PDF)
Sutwik Island A-3 (PDF) Trinity Islands A-5 (PDF) Trinity Islands B-3/C-3, C-2/C-3 (PDF)
Trinity Islands C-1 (PDF) Trinity Islands D-1 (PDF) Trinity Islands D-2 (PDF)

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