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Prince of Wales Island Area Plan

Revised: October 1998
(Originally Adopted June 1985)

Partial list of actions subsequent to final plan being published.

Revisions to the Prince of Wale Island Area Plan (POWIAP) were adopted by the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on October 16, 1998. The original plan for this area was adopted in June of 1985 and reflected land management decisions and allocations based on the best available information concerning demand for use of state land and resources at the time. However, significant changes in economic and political conditions, not anticipated during the development of the 1985 plan, necessitated a revision of the original action. The area-wide policies and implementation procedures given in this volume are also consistent with the Prince of Wales Island Area Plan Amendment (POWIAP Amendment) which was adopted in 2008. The two plans together determine land use designations, land selections and relinquishments, land disposal locations and management guidelines for actions by DNR for the Prince of Wales Island area.

The POWIAP planning area includes Prince of Wales Island and surrounding islands except for the area generally southwest of Big Salt Lake which is now covered by the POWIAP Amendment (see map of the planning area – Map 1-1 (PDF) (pdf 88 KB)). This area is rich in natural resources that can sustain a variety of different uses provided the uses are properly managed. The guidelines and policies of this plan apply to approximately 68,942 acres of uplands which are owned or have been selected by the state. Most of the uplands in this area are managed by the Federal government as part of the Tongass National Forest. Approximately 9,687 acres in the Prince of Wales Island planning areas have been selected from the Tongass National Forest for conveyance to the state. This plan also applies to nearly one million acres of state owned tidelands and submerged lands in the POWIAP planning area along a shoreline over 1000 miles long and state-owned lands beneath navigable streams and lakes called "shorelands".

In addition to state owned lands Native corporations established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act own substantial upland acreage within the planning area. There are other small tracts of private land in the planning area including mining claims and Native allotments. This plan does not apply to municipal, University of Alaska, Mental Health Trust or any other private lands within the planning area.

This plan was developed using a process of addressing public concerns through a series of public meetings, distribution of newsletters and informational materials and solicitation of public comments. The process also included a thorough review of resource information and interaction with other agencies, departments and divisions within state government.

You may click on the link below to view the plan in its entirety.

Prince of Wales Island Area Plan – complete (pdf 17.7 MB)

Due to the size of the above file, the plan has been broken down into smaller files with links to the color maps in Chapter 3, below.

Map 1-1. The Prince of Wales Island Planning Area (pdf 65 KB)
Cover, Adoption and Table of Contents (pdf 210 KB)

Chapter 1. Introduction (pdf 181 KB)

Introduction – Introduction Summary / Why Plan for Public Land? / The Planning Area and Land Ownership / Access and the Public Trust Doctrine / How Was the Plan Developed? / Summary of Plan Actions / Summary of Plan Implementation / Revision of Plan (1997-98) / Summary of the Plan Modification Process

Resource Summaries - Aquatic Farming / Cultural Resources / Fish and Wildlife / Floating Facilities / Forestry / Recreation / State Selections and Land Ownership / Settlement / Subsurface Resources / Transportation / Water

Chapter 2. Areawide Land Management Policies (pdf 129 KB)

Includes – Introduction / Aquatic Farming / Coordination and Public Notice / Cultural Resources / Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Harvest Areas / Floating Facilities / Forestry / Instream Flow / Material Sites / Recreation, Tourism, and Scenic Resources / Settlement / Shorelines and Stream Corridors / Subsurface Resources / Trail and Public Access Management

Chapter 3. Land Management Policies for Each Management Unit (pdf 640 KB)


Includes: Surface and Subsurface Land Use Designations / General Use Area / Resource Information / University Land and Mental Health Land Settlements / Management Guidelines / Flexibility of the Plan / Definitions / Designations on Management Unit Maps

Unit 1 - Salmon Bay

Subunit 1a – Salmon Bay
Subunit 1b – Exchange Cove

Map of Unit 1 – Salmon Bay (pdf 695 KB)

Unit 2 – Protection/Baker
Subunit 2a – Labouchere Bay
Subunit 2b – Protection/Baker
Subunit 2c – Red Bay

Map of Unit 2 – Baker/Protection (pdf 810 KB)

Map of Unit 2 – Baker/Protection, Subunit 2a Inset Maps (pdf 1.15 MB)

Unit 3 – Shakan

Subunit 3a – Shakan Bay
Subunit 3b – Shipley Bay

Map of Unit 3 – Shakan (pdf 770 KB)

Unit 4 – El Capitan

Subunit 4a – El Cap North
Subunit 4b – El Cap South

Map of Unit 4 – El Capitan, Subunit 4a (pdf 685 KB)
Map of Unit 4 – El Capitan, Subunit 4b (pdf 800 KB)

Unit 5 – Whale Pass

Subunit 5a – Whale Pass
Subunit 5b – Neck Lake/Thorne Island

Map of Unit 5 – Whale Pass (pdf 780 KB)
Map of Unit 5 – Whale Pass, Subunit 5a Inset Map (pdf 70 KB)

Unit 6 – Coffman Cove

Subunit 6a – Coffman Cove
Subunit 6b – Sweetwater Lake
Subunit 6c – Ratz Harbor

Map of Unit 6 – Coffman Cove, Subunits 6a & 6b (pdf 820 KB)
Map of Unit 6 – Coffman Cove, Subunit 6c (pdf 580 KB)
Map of Unit 6 – Coffman Cove, Subunit 6a Inset map (pdf 105 KB)

Unit 7 – Sea Otter Sound

Subunit 7a – Marble/Orr
Subunit 7b – Tuxekan
Subunit 7c – Naukati

Map of Unit 7 – Sea Otter Sound, Subunit 7a (pdf 980 KB)
Map of Unit 7 – Sea Otter Sound, Subunit 7b & 7c (pdf 890 KB)
Map of Unit 7 – Sea Otter Sound, Subunit 7c Inset map (pdf 310 KB)

Unit 8 – Edna Bay

Subunit 8a – Cape Pole
Subunit 8b – Edna Bay

Map of Unit 8 – Edna Bay (pdf 765 KB)
Map of Unit 8 – Edna Bay, Subunit 8b Inset map (pdf 1.1 MB)

Unit 9 – Coronation

Map of Coronation, Subunit 9a (pdf 715 KB)
Map of Coronation, Subunit 9b (pdf 530 KB)

Unit 10 – Shaheen

Subunit 10a – Heceta Island
Subunit 10b – Tonowek Bay

Map of Shaheen, Subunit 10a (pdf 995 KB)
Map of Shaheen, Subunit 10b (pdf 760 KB)

Unit 11 – Thorne Bay

Subunit 11a – Control Lake
Subunit 11b – Karta Bay
Subunit 11c – Thorne Bay

Map of Unit 11 – Thorne Bay, Subunit 11a (pdf 745 KB)
Map of Unit 11 – Thorne Bay, Subunit 11b (pdf 690 KB)
Map of Unit 11 – Thorne Bay, Subunit 11c (pdf 880 KB)
Map of Unit 11 – Thorne Bay, Subunit 11c, Setter Lake Inset map (pdf 385 KB)
Map of Unit 11 – Thorne Bay, Subunit 11c, Security Lake Inset map (pdf 395 KB)

Unit 12 – Kasaan Bay

Subunit 12a – Upper Twelvemile Arm
Subunit 12b – Hollis
Subunit 12c – Kasaan Bay
Subunit 12d – Lower Twelvemile Arm
Subunit 12e – Polk Inlet
Subunit 12f – Skowl Arm

Map of Unit 12 – Kasaan Bay, Subunits 12a & 12b (pdf 715 KB)
Map of Unit 12 – Kasaan Bay, Subunit 12b Inset map (pdf 405 KB)
Map of Unit 12 – Kasaan Bay, Subunit 12c (pdf 900 KB)
Map of Unit 12 – Kasaan Bay, Subunit 12d (pdf 560 KB)
Map of Unit 12 – Kasaan Bay, Subunit 12e & 12f (pdf 925 KB)

Unit 13 – Cholmondeley

Subunit 13a – West Cholmondeley
Subunit 13b – East Cholmondeley

Map of Cholmondeley, Subunit 13a (pdf 785 KB)
Map of Cholmondeley, Subunit 13b (pdf 965 KB)

Unit 14 – Moira

Subunit 14a – Dickman Bay
Subunit 14b – Moira Sound
Subunit 14c – Ingraham Bay

Map of Unit 14 – Moira (pdf 1.1 MB)
Map of Unit 14 – Moira, Subunit 14a Inset map (pdf 2.1 MB)

Unit 15 – Kendrick

Subunit 15a – Kendrick Bay
Subunit 15b – Cape Chacon

Map of Unit 15 – Kendrick, Subunit 15a (pdf 772 KB)
Map of Unit 15 – Kendrick, Subunit 15b (pdf 750 KB)

Chapter 4. Implementation (pdf 210 KB)


Land Selections and Land Exchanges
Includes – Entitlement Overview / Selection Priority System / Selection Priorities / Relinquishments of Selections / Overlapping Land Selections / Land Exchanges

Plan Coordination and Implementation
Includes - Cooperative Management Agreements / Coordination with Federal Land Management / Coastal Management Coordination / Municipal Entitlements / Land-Use Classifications / Mineral Orders / Legislative Designations

Procedures for Plan Review, Modification, and Amendment
Includes - Periodic Review / Changes to the Plan / Discretion within Guidelines

Appendices (pdf 175 KB)

Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. Mineral Opening Order
Appendix C. Mineral Closing Order
Appendix D. Land Classification Order
Appendix E. Index

Partial list of actions subsequent to final plan being published.

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