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Upper Yukon Area Plan (Adopted February 2003)

Upper Yukon Area Plan – in one file (23 MB) (PDF)
If the large file (above) is too large for your computer’s resources, the Upper Yukon Area Plan is divided into smaller sections (below) for your convenience.

Table of Contents – (35 KB) (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction - (190 KB) (PDF)
  • Map – Land Status – (3 MB) (PDF)
  • Includes: Introduction and Background / Summary of Purpose of the Plan / The Planning Area / How The Plan Is Organized / Why This Plan Was Developed / The Mandate / What The Plan Will Do / How This Plan Is Used / The Relationship Between The Upper Yukon Area Plan and Other Plans / How The Plan Was Developed / Process of Plan Preparation / Who Developed The Plan? / Uses and Resources Within the Planning Area / What the Plan Won’t Do / Summary of Plan Actions / Land Use Designations / Management Intent / Management Guidelines / Classifications / Summary of Plan Implementation and Modification
Chapter 2: Areawide Land Management Policies (PDF) – (325 KB)
Chapter 3: Management Policies for Regions, Management Units, and Navigable Waterbodies – (385 KB) (PDF)
Chapter 4: Implementation and Recommendations – (85 KB) (PDF)

Includes: Introduction / State Land Classifications / Relationship of Designations to Classifications and Conversion of Plan / Designations Into Classifications / Land Classification Order and Acreage of Lands Classified / Surface Leasing / Mineral Leasehold Location Orders / Municipal Entitlement / General Grant Land Selections / Coordination with Federal Land Management Plans / Public Trust Doctrine / Federal Public Land Orders / Types of Plan Changes

Appendices (PDF) – (8 MB)

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