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Kuskokwim Area Plan

The first link on this page is for the entire document, which is quite large and may take considerable time to download on certain internet connections. The other links will take you to specific sections or pages for faster downloads.

PDF File of Entire Plan (PDF) (105 MB) Note: Once this PDF file is open, clicking on items in the Table of Contents will take you to corresponding sections.

Includes: Cover, Signature Page, Advisory Board, Acknowledgements, How to Use this Plan

Chapter 1. Introduction and Background (PDF)

Includes: Summary of Purpose, How This Document is Organized, Why Plan for State Land, Description of Planning Area, How was the Plan Developed, Public Participation, Summary of Plan Implementation and Modification, Documentation of Major Changes to the Draft Plan

Chapter 2. Areawide Land Management Policies
Chapter 3. Land Management Policies for Each Management Unit
Chapter 4. Implementation (pdf)

Includes: Introduction, Proposed Selections and Relinquishments, Land Use Classifications, Municipal Entitlement, Procedures for Plan Modification and Amendments, Recommendations for Research, Recommendations for Field Staff and Enforcement, Recommendations for Legislative Designation, Recommendations for Additional Access

  • Appendix A (PDF)Glossary
  • Appendix B (PDF) Contact List for Public Notices
  • Appendix C (PDF) Trails and Transportation (Maps)
  • Appendix D (PDF) Publications Related to the Plan
  • Appendix E (PDF) Criteria for Resource Information Summary Ratings
  • Appendix F (PDF) Fish and Wildlife Habitat (Map)
  • Appendix G (PDF) Summary of Leases and Permits by Management Unit
  • Appendix H (PDF) Leasehold Location Areas and Mineral Closures
  • Appendix I (PDF) Classifications and Approximate Acreages by Subunit
  • Appendix J (PDF) Index

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