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Eastern Tanana Area Plan

Public Review Draft

All below files can be viewed using Adobe Reader 8 and above.

The complete plan document includes low resolution maps. Each chapter's table of contents contains links to sections within those chapters. The smaller sized documents below contain links to the maps.

Complete Plan (PDF) (9.5 MB)

Complete Plan Text (PDF) (2 MB)

Preface (PDF) (30 KB)
   Includes: Cover / Plan Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction - Complete Text (PDF) (130 KB)

Includes: Introduction and Background / Summary of Purpose of the Plan / Description of the Planning Area / Uplands and Shorelands as Described in This Plan / Update of the Original Tanana Basin Area Plan / Planning Area / Overall Plan Summary / How the Plan is Organized / Why This Plan Was Developed / The Mandate / What the Plan Will Do / What the Plan Won't Do / How This Plan is Used / Public Participation in Planning Process / Process of Plan Preparation / Who Developed the Plan? / Uses and Resources Within the Planning Area / Planning Period / Summary of Plan Actions / Management Intent / Land Use Designations / Management Guidelines / Classifications / Summary of Plan Implementation and Modification
   Map 1-1: Planning Area (640 KB) (PDF)

Chapter 2: Areawide Land Management Policies - Complete Text (320 KB) (PDF)

   Introduction (50 KB) (PDF)
   Agriculture and Grazing (30 KB) (PDF)
   Coordination and Public Notice (15 KB) (PDF)
   Cultural Resources (20 KB) (PDF)
   Fish and Wildlife Habitat (55 KB) (PDF)
   Forestry (50 KB) (PDF)
       Map 2-1: Lands to be Considered for Inclusion in Tanana Valley State Forest (620 KB) (PDF)
   Material Sites (25 KB) (PDF)
   Public Access (35 KB) (PDF)
   Recreation and Scenic Resources (30 KB) (PDF)
   Reservations of Water (20 KB) (PDF)
   Settlement (50 KB) (PDF)
   Shorelands and Stream Corridors (65 KB) (PDF)
   Subsurface Resources (40 KB) (PDF)

Chapter 3: Land Management Policies for Each Management Unit - Complete Text (1.1 MB) (PDF)

   Introduction (125 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-1: Planning Area, Regions and Land Status (580 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-1a: Planning Area, Regions and Unit Designations (610 KB) (PDF)
   Fairbanks Region (405 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-2: Fairbanks Region Boundary and Unit Designations (570 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-2a: Fairbanks Region, Fairbanks Area Detail and Unit Designations (430 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-2b: Fairbanks Region, Salcha Area Detail and Unit Designations (565 KB) (PDF)
   Delta Region (225 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-3: Delta Region Boundary and Unit Designations (555 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-3a: Delta Region, Delta Junction Area Detail and Unit Designations (485 KB) (PDF)
   Upper Tanana Region (245 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-4: Upper Tanana Region Boundary and Unit Designations (485 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-4a: Upper Tanana Region, Tok Area Detail and Unit Designations (445 KB) (PDF)
   Alaska Range East Region (65 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-5: Alaska Range East Region Boundary and Unit Designations (360 KB) (PDF)
   Legislatively Designated Areas (30 KB) (PDF)
       Map 3-6: Legislatively Designated Areas (605 KB) (PDF)
   Navigable Rivers and Lakes (60 KB) (PDF)

Chapter 4: Implementation and Recommendations (110 KB) (PDF)

Includes: Introduction / State Land Classification / Relationship of Land Use Designations in the Plan to State Land Classifications / Public Trust Doctrine / Leasing of State Land / Classification Order / Applicability of Plan Designations/Classifications to State Lands not Identified in the Plan Text or Plan Maps / Survivor Designations and Classifications / Municipal Entitlement / State Land Selections / State Land Selections / ANILCA Topfiled Lands / Public Land Orders / Mineral and Leasehold Location Orders / Legislatively Designated Areas / Existing Legislatively Designated Areas / Additions to Legislatively Designated Areas / Generally Allowed Uses / Types of Plan Changes

Appendices (130 KB) (PDF)

   Includes: Glossary / Land Classification Order No. NC-10-004 / Mineral Leasehold Location      Order No. 34 / Mineral Order (Closing) 1145
       Map C-1: Lands to be Included in Leasehold Location Order 34 (565 KB) (PDF)
       Map D-1: Lands to be Included in Mineral Order 1145 (415 KB) (PDF)

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