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Donlin Project Public Notice

Attention: Comments Closed

The public comment period for the Donlin Gold Project is currently closed.

Donlin Gold Project

Donlin Gold, LLC is proposing to develop an open-pit, hard rock gold mine, referred to as the Donlin Gold Project, located approximately 145 miles northeast of Bethel, Alaska. The proposed open-pit mine is situated on Native lands owned by The Kuskokwim Corporation (surface estate) and Calista Corporation (subsurface estate). Mine construction is expected to take three to four years during which Donlin foresees employing up to 3,000 people. The estimated life of the mine is 27.5 years, during which Donlin expects to employ up to 1,400 people annually and produce over 33-million ounces of gold.

Public Notice

Donlin has submitted applications to the Southcentral Regional Land Office (SCRO) for several support facilities and infrastructure on state lands. Facilities and infrastructure addressed by these applications include a port facility, an airstrip and related improvements, an access road, a fiber optic cable, material sites and sales, and temporary access routes. An amendment to the Kuskokwim Area Plan (KUAP) and Land Classification Order (LCO) is necessary to classify currently unclassified state-owned and state-selected lands and waters within and near the project area.

Below is the draft Kuskokwim Area Plan amendment and LCO.

A list of the applications and Preliminary Decisions (PDs) drafted by SCRO, can be found below along with maps of the project area.

The public is invited to review and comment on the applications and PDs drafted by SCRO, as well as the draft area plan amendment and LCO drafted by the Department of Natural Resources. To submit a comment regarding any of the proposed actions above, please see the How to Comment section below. Please include the ADL, LAS, or SC number that is the subject of your comment.

The comment period closed on March 29, 2019.
Comments received after this deadline will not be considered.


Please direct specific questions concerning the draft Kuskokwim Area Plan amendment and Land Classification Order SC-88-001A21 to:

Tyler Fanning
Natural Resource Specialist III
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Resource Assessment and Development Section
Telephone: (907) 269-8529

Please direct specific questions concerning the proposed applications and preliminary decisions to:

Ki Jung Lee
Natural Resource Manager
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Southcentral Regional Land Office
Telephone: (907) 269-8566

Individuals with audio impairments that have questions concerning this notice may call Relay Alaska at 711 or 1 800-770-8973 for assistance at no cost.