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Tulsequah Chief Project
New Taku River Barging Proposal

March 4, 2009
Redcorp Granted Bankruptcy Protection

Implications for the State of Alaska’s permitting efforts have not yet been determined.

ACMP Consistency Review Clock is Stopped
Comment deadlines are extended

(Last Updated 2/24/09)

The Division of Coastal and Ocean Management (DCOM) received Requests for Additional Information (RFAIs) for Redfern’s proposed barging project on the Taku River. In accordance with 11AAC 110.270 (a)(3) DCOM stopped the review clock on December 17 2008 at 5PM on the RFAI deadline (Day 13). When review participants receive an adequate response to all RFAI questions the clock will re-start on Day 14 of the review schedule. The ACMP consistency comment deadline will be at 5PM on Day 17 of the review schedule.

The RFAIs have been consolidated into the following documents:

DCOM Memo dated Jan 30 2009 Approving ADFG Request for Taku River “Important Habitat” Designation (posted 2/6/09)

Redfern Response dated Feb 6 2009 re: Important Habitat Designation of Taku River (posted 2/24/09) 

DCOM Memo to ADFG dated Feb 23 2009 re: ADFG Important Habitat Designation Request - Taku River (posted 2/24/09) 

On January 30, 2009 another Request for Additional Information was sent to Redfern for information relating specifically to the ADFG and DNR permits. The answers to this RFAI are not required for the Alaska Coastal Management Program consistency review.

Redfern’s responses to the RFAIs and future schedule modifications will be posted here as they occur.

The comment deadline for both the ACMP review and the MLW Land Use Permit are indefinitely extended, pending the re-start of the ACMP Consistency Review.


On December 5, 2008 the State of Alaska released for public review and comment the following public notice, application materials and ACMP Start-up Packet relating to the Tulsequah Chief Taku River Barging Proposal. Further information on the upcoming public meeting and how to comment can be found below, or in the Public Notice display ad which was published on December 5th in the Juneau Empire newspaper. A second display ad was published in the Juneau Empire on Sunday, December 7th.

The Tulsequah Chief mine is located in British Columbia, Canada near the confluence of the Tulsequah and Taku Rivers. Currently, the only means of transportation into the mine site is by air and water. Access to the mine has been provided over the past two summers using conventional shallow draft tug and barges, operating during the summer months. Redfern has proposed a transportation option that would use air cushion barges, towed by shallow draft tug during the aquatic season, and by amphibious tractors travelling over frozen gravel bars and ice during the non-aquatic (winter) season. There would be no barge operations during the freeze-up and break-up periods. Zinc, lead, and copper concentrate from the Tulsequah Chief Mine would be transported via the air cushion barge to Juneau where the concentrate will be transferred to commercial barge service destined for Skagway. Barges returning to the mine site from Juneau will carry supplies, such as fuel, lubricants, construction materials and mine mill maintenance materials.


Thursday, December 11, 2008
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Project Presentation and Discussion
Centennial Hall, Ballroom 3
101 Egan Dr.

Accommodations for disability are provided on request.
Persons with audio impairment can call between 10am and 5pm, M-F at TDD 907-269-8411.


Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Coastal and Ocean Management

Division of Mining, Land and Water
Taku Landowner Notification Letter

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Division of Habitat


Other documents submitted by Redfern Resources Limited to the State of Alaska in support of project authorizations:


This is a new project review. The review of Redfern’s previous barging proposal was terminated on July 3, 2008. Previously submitted comments will not be considered. To ensure consideration you must comment again.

On December 17, 2008 at 5pm the ACMP Consistency Review clock was stopped awaiting response from Redfern to agency requests for additional information (RFAI's).

When review participants receive adequate responses to all RFAI questions, the ACMP clock will re-start on Day 14 of the review schedule.

The ACMP consistency comment deadline will be on Day 17 at 5pm of the review schedule, and posted here as soon as it is known. The Land Use Permit comment deadline will be adjusted accordingly.

Comments should specify which of the following two items they are addressing:
  1. ACMP Consistency Review
  2. All timely comments regarding coastal consistency will be considered. Consistency comments finding the proposal inconsistent with ACMP enforceable policies must identify relevant policies and explain how the project is inconsistent.
    The ACMP Consistency Review comment period ends at
    5pm AST December 22, 2008
  3. Land Use Permit Application
  4. All written comments regarding the application for Land Use Permit LAS 27041 will be considered, including those relating to fish and wildlife resources.
    The Land Use Permit comment period ends at
    5pm AST January 5, 2009
    Comments will be accepted throughout the extended comment period.

Send comments by mail, email or fax to Tom Crafford, DNR Mining Coordinator, at the address listed below. Comments must be in writing and received by the deadlines indicated above. If you are unable to obtain the documents from this website, please contact Mr. Crafford.

Tulsequah Taku River Barging Comments
ATTN: Tom Crafford, Mining Coordinator
ADNR / Office of Project Management and Permitting
550 West Seventh Ave., Suite 900D
Anchorage, AK 99501
Telephone: (907) 269-8629
Fax: (907) 269-8930

July 2008
Termination of ACMP consistency review AK 0711-04J

On July 3, 2008 DCOM terminated the ACMP consistency review (AK 0711-04J) because of modifications to the project description.  Redfern Resources Ltd withdrew its original application on July 14, 2008 for barging on the Taku River using the amphitrac equipment.

Archive of original application materials and public process
August 2007 to July 2008

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