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Red Dog Mine Public Notice

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Red Dog Mine May 2009 Reclamation and Closure Plan Supporting Documents

Red Dog Mine Closure and Reclamation Plan (PDF)

Supporting Document A:  Consultation & Property Description
A1 Closure Workshops (contact Jack DiMarchi for CD)
A2 Legal Description of Property (PDF)

Supporting Document B:  Plans of Operations
B1 Red Dog Mine Development Plan (PDF)
B2 Plan of Operations for Waste Rock Management (PDF)
B3 Plan of Operations for Tailings and Water Management (PDF)

Supporting Document C:  Geotechnical
C1 Main Waste Stockpile Stability Assessments (PDF)
C2 Drawings from Updated Geotechnical Report (PDF)
C3 Dam History Report (PDF)
C4 Preliminary Conceptual Design Report (PDF)
C5 Stability Analysis for Future Raises to Closure (PDF)
C6 Seepage Analysis Report (PDF)
C7 Drawings from Back Dam Investigation and Design (PDF)
C8 Preliminary Spillway Design (PDF)

Supporting Document D:  Geochemistry
D1 Consolidation of Studies on Geochemical Characterization of Waste Rock & Tailings (PDF)
D2 Supporting Geochemical Review and Interpretation (PDF)
D3 Aqqaluk Geochemistry - Supplemental Testing Program (PDF)
D4 Lime Requirements and Predicted Geochemical Changes (PDF)

Supporting Document E:  Water Management
E1 Red Dog Water and Load Balance (PDF)
E2 Flood Frequency Update for Middle Fork Red Dog Creek (PDF)
E3 Red Dog Creek Rediversion Design Criteria & Plan (PDF)
E4 Assessment of Water Treatment Methods Applicable for Closure (PDF)
E5 Assessment of Methods for Managing Post-Closure Water Treatment Sludge (PDF)

Supporting Document F:  Reclamation and Revegetation
F3 Revegetation Plan for the Red Dog Mine (PDF)

Supporting Document F:  Reclamation and Revegetation
F1 Mine Area Closure Options - Summary of the Cover Studies (PDF)
F2 Evaluation of Borrow Sources (PDF)

Supporting Document G:  Demolition
Demolition Cost Estimates (PDF)

Supporting Document H:  Ecological Risks
Evaluation of Ecological Risk within the Ambient Air/Solid Waste Permit Boundary (PDF)

Supporting Document I:  Monitoring Plans

Supporting Document J:  Cost Estimates
J1 Basis of Estimate - Cost Estimate (PDF)
J2 Basis of Estimate - Post-Closure Costs (PDF)
J3 Basis of Estimate - Suspension Costs (PDF)
Memorandum - State of Alaska, Department of Revenue, Treasury Division (PDF)

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