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Pebble Project

Current Project Description

The Pebble Project is a copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry deposit in the advanced exploration stage. The project is located on state land in the Bristol Bay Region of southwest Alaska, approximately 17 miles northwest of the community of Iliamna.

Pebble consists of two contiguous deposits. Pebble West is a near surface resource of approximately 4.1 billion metric tons. Pebble East is significantly deeper than Pebble West and contains an estimated resource at 3.4 billion metric tons.

The project is currently on hold as the Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) reviews its options for advancing the project further.

Permits, Approvals and Authorizations

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Department of Fish and Game (F&G)

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For More Information Contact

State of Alaska Large Mine Permitting Team
Kyle Moselle
Large Mine Coordinator
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Office of Project Management and Permitting
400 Willoughby Avenue, Suite 400
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone:(907) 465-6849
Fax: (907) 465-3886