Greens Creek Mine

The Greens Creek Mine is an underground cut-and-fill and long hole stoping operation using grinding and flotation processes to recover zinc and lead, and gravity processes to recover silver and gold. The mine is located in southeast Alaska, in the Tongass National Forest near Hawk Inlet on Admiralty Island National Monument, approximately 18 miles southwest of Juneau, on U.S. Forest Service and private patented land within the City and Borough of Juneau. Access to the mine is by sea, and a 13-mile access road. The project is operated by Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company (HGCMC). The major Greens Creek Mine facilities include the Greens Creek underground mine, surface mill, dry stack tailings facility, tailings storage facility, water treatment system, wastewater treatment plant, administrative and camp facilities, ferry dock and ship-loading facility. Power is supplied by hydroelectric infrastructure and diesel generators. The mine started production in 1989, and today operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. In 2012, Greens Creek produced approximately 6,394,000 ounces of silver, 55,400 ounces of gold, 21,000 tons of lead, and 64,200 tons of zinc. As of 2012, HGCMC employs approximately 386 people.


Five-year Environmental Audits
Greens Creek Mine 5-Year Environmental Audit (March 2009)
Permits, Authorizations, and Financial Assurance

Reclamation/Closure Bond & Audits MOU (USFS, ADNR, ADEC, KGCMC) (5/9/2007)

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

The current discharge permits are available from DEC's Division of Water permit website (
The link includes the following documents:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Support Documents
KGCMC General Plan of Operations 2006 - Appendices 1, 3, 11 & 14
Final Environmental Impact Statement
Inspection Reports


Archive of Inspections

Annual Meetings and Annual Reports
2013 Meeting Presentation
Held July 9, 2013 10AM, Juneau DEC 2nd Floor Main Conf. Room
Annual Reports

Archive of prior Annual Meetings and Reports

For More Information Contact

State of Alaska Large Mine Permitting Team
Kyle Moselle
Large Mine Coordinator
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Office of Project Management and Permitting
400 Willoughby Avenue, Suite 400
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 465-6849
Fax: (907) 586-2954

Sarah Samuelson
USDA Forest Service
8510 Mendenhall Loop Road
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Telephone: (907) 586-8800
Fax Number: (907) 586-8808

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