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Bokan-Dotson Ridge Project

Project Description

The Bokan-Dotson Ridge Project is a Rare Earth Element (REE) prospect in the advanced exploration phase of development. The project is located in Kendrick Bay on the southern end of Prince of Wales Island, approximately 37 miles southwest of Ketchikan. 

Ucore Rare Metals, Inc. is the Project Proponent. The project area includes approximately 9,500 acres of federal mining claims in the Tongass National Forest and 640 acres of state mining claims. The property is particularly enriched with heavy rare earth elements, including the critical elements Dysprosium, Terbium and Yttrium.


Brent Martellaro
Geologist V
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Large Mine Permitting Team
Phone: (907) 451-2788
Fax: (907) 451-2703
Email Brent Martellaro
Mail or Visit at:
3700 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709-4699