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Large Mine Permitting

Numerous state, federal, and local government approvals are necessary to develop and operate large hardrock mines in Alaska. The State of Alaska has developed the Large Mine Permitting Team (LMPT) to coordinate the permitting process for state agencies, and when appropriate, integrate with parallel efforts by federal and local agencies. The aim of the LMPT is to provide a robust, coordinated permitting process that is predictable, consistent, and responsive to the needs of agencies, applicants, and the general public.

Numerous state, federal, and local government permits and approvals are required before construction and operation of a large hardrock mine in Alaska can begin. This document summarizes various permits/approvals that may be required.

DOWL Report for Mine Closure and Reclamation Cost Estimation Guidelines: Indirect Cost Categories (5/7/2015) (PDF)

To view a slide show of the large mine permitting process:

Presentation Slides - 1 slide per page (PDF).
(revised August 2016)

Here are some projects that the Large Mine Permitting Team has coordinated:

For More Information Contact:

State of Alaska Large Mine Permitting Team

Kyle Moselle
Executive Director
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Office of Project Management and Permitting
Phone: (907) 465-6849
Fax: (907) 465-3886

Mail to:
PO Box 111030
Juneau, AK 99811

Visit at:
400 Willoughby Ave., 4th Floor
Juneau, AK 99801