DNR Water Rights & Temporary Water Use Authorizations

The Water Resource Data, which is displayed using AutoDesk MapGuide 6, is compiled from DNR's electronic databases, but primarily comes from the Land Status GIS database that creates the state status plats. THE INFORMATION DISPLAYED IN MAPGUIDE ARE FOR GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION ONLY: THE SOURCE DOCUMENTS REMAIN THE OFFICIAL RECORD. Consult the DNR casefile for the official public record.

DNR provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete and conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, correctness and timeliness of materials presented, the maps shown here are not suitable for site-specific decision-making, or for making financial or any other commitments. DNR assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

The data may have a number of errors, which may include but are not limited to the following types of errors:

The Department of Natural Resources makes no expressed or implied warranties with respect to the character, function, or capabilities of this product or its appropriateness for any user's purposes. In no event will the Department of Natural Resources be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or other damages suffered by the user or any other person or entity whether from use of the product, any failure thereof or otherwise.

To assist the department in the maintenance of the data, users should provide information concerning errors or discrepancies found while using the data. Please verify possible errors against the status plats available on the Land Records website at http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/landrecords. Errors should be reported to the Water Management Unit, Division of Mining, Land and Water at Water Help Desk. If the error appears to be with the application or the way information is being portrayed in the application, please contact Michele Gorham, DMLW (Michele_Gorham@dnr.state.ak.us).