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Base Appraisal Reports

What is a Base Appraisal report?
Applicants stake Remote Recreational Cabin Sites on unsurveyed land, but still want some idea of what the land will cost before deciding to stake. A Base Appraisal provides that generic parcel valuation. A Base Appraisal report estimates the value of one or more Key Parcels, or sample parcels, within a staking area. Several different types of Key Parcels may be required for a staking area, e.g. waterfront and interior Key Parcels. Each Key Parcel is as similar as possible to the basic type of parcel that will likely be staked. The Base Appraisal describes the following features for each Key Parcel: location, access, size, physical features, amenities, and easements/restrictions. The appraised value for each Key Parcel is based on sales of similar properties near the staking area, just as if the Key Parcel actually existed. For additional information view the Department's factsheet Title: Remote Recreational Cabin Sites Staking Program & the Appraisal Process. (PDF)

Offering No. 13
Granite Mountain Report 4377-0 (PDF)  
Mount Ryan II Report 4380-0 (PDF)  
Offering No. 12
Dillinger River II Report 4194-0 (PDF)  
East Fork Pass Report 4198-0 (PDF)  
Half Cabin Lake Report 4200-0 (PDF)  
Snake Lake Report 4150-0 (PDF)  
Tatalina II Report 3199-2 (PDF)  
Offering No. 11
Albert Creek North Report 3169-4 (PDF)  
Aniak-Doestock Report 3587-0 (PDF)  
Kakhonak Lake Report 3588-0 (PDF)  
Teklanika III Report 3614-0 (PDF)  
Zitziana Report 3590-0 (PDF)  
Offering No. 10
North Fork Big River Report 3096-4 (PDF)  
Redlands Report 3567-0 (PDF)  
Ugak Bay Report 3110-2 (PDF)  
White Mountain II Report 3111-7 (PDF)  
Offering No. 9
Innoko River Report 3538-0 (PDF)  
Kantishna Report 3504-0 (PDF)  
Mt. Rich Addition Report 3536-0 (PDF)  
Mt. Ryan Report 3537-0 (PDF)  
Ridgeview Report 3531-0 (PDF)  
Offering No. 8
Chleca Lakes Report 3449 (PDF)  
Disappointment Creek Report 3491 (PDF)  
Hunts Creek Report 3488 (PDF)  
Sunday Lakes Report 3489 (PDF)  
Wien Lake Report 3472 (PDF)  
Offering No. 7
Bearpaw Report 3453 (PDF)  
Big River South Report 3409 (PDF)  
Donkey Terraces Report 3457 (PDF)  
Lake Louise East Report 3101-3 (PDF)  
Robertson River Report 3437 (PDF)  
Offering No. 6
Cannon Report 3406 (PDF)  
Dillinger River Report 3409 (PDF)  
Kogrukluk River Report 3413 (PDF)  
Lost Creek Report 3408 (PDF)  
Nowitna River Report 3409 (PDF)  
Taylor Mountain North Report 3410 (PDF)  
Offering No. 5
Bluff Cabin Ridge Report 3151-1 (PDF)  
Clear Sky Report 3339 (PDF)  
Cosna Report 3214 (PDF)  
Moose Creek East Report 3281 (PDF)  
Selatna Report 3319 (PDF)  
Talachulitna West Report 3379 (PDF)  
Tower Bluffs Report 3299 (PDF)  
Offering No. 4
Dugan Hills Report 3176 (PDF)  
Far Mountain Report 3256-0 (PDF)  
Porcupine Butte West Report 3197 (PDF)  
Snake River Report 3255-0 (PDF)  

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