Over-The-Counter (OTC) Land for Sale

The Division of Mining, Land and Water periodically offers state subdivided land to the public via sealed-bid auctions. Parcels not sold during the sealed-bid auctions are offered over-the-counter (OTC) at the Department's Public Information Centers.

There are currently 105 parcels available OTC. Lots available through the OTC process are identified by the Auction Number they were originally offered in and the number assigned to the parcel for that year's auction. (For example, Parcel ID 460-244 on this website was originally offered in Auction 460 and had a parcel number of 244 in Auction 460's brochure).

Parcels listed on this site are available for purchase. Parcels shown on the subdivision maps that are not reflected on this site, have already been sold or withdrawn. To find a parcel available to purchase, you may use any of the following parameters below: (Region, Subdivision Name, Parcel Number, ADL Number, or Auction).

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