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Alaska Residency for Land Sales

Proof of Alaska Residency

Proof of Alaska residency for each auction bidder as detailed below - all residency items must include dates showing that you have been an Alaska resident for at least one year before the auction.

  1. Copy of Alaska Driver’s License(s) or State-ID card(s) for each bidder
    Note: DO NOT fax copies of your license or ID; they will be illegible. Please send copies by mail or email only.
  2. AND ONE or more item(s) from the following list for each bidder:
    • Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend confirmation of eligibility for 2018, follow these directions:
      1. Go to the PFD website and click on the blue “myPFDInfo” button.
      2. Click on the blue “Yes, proceed.” button.
      3. On the “myPFDInfo Application Search” page, choose 2018 as the Dividend Year, and fill in the remaining Applicant Details fields with your personal information.
      4. Click the “Submit Search” button.
      5. After the screen loads, print, photograph, or take a screenshot of the “PFD Information for [Your Name]” page that shows your name and 2018 Application status.
      6. Send the printout or the file of the “PFD Information for [Your Name]” page to the above contact information.
    • Employment, Unemployment, or Military records
    • Current, valid occupational licenses issued by the State of Alaska
    • Income tax records showing employment in Alaska
    • School records
    • Court or other government agency records

Applicants are required to submit as many items of proof of residency as needed to document the minimum, one full year of Alaska residency. If you cannot supply any of the above items, the Director may accept other forms of proof. If you are relying on an item not specifically listed above or have questions about residency, please call the Land Sales Front Desk at (907) 269-8594.