Knik River Public Use Area Management Plan Public Review Draft

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For more than a few years, residents near the Knik River and members of the public who recreate on public lands in the Knik River valley have voiced concern over the lack of direct management and law enforcement, and unlawful and dangerous activities occurring in the Knik Valley.  Hearing those concerns as well as the concerns of others to continue their traditional recreational uses, legislation was passed designating the Knik River Valley and surrounding public lands as the Knik River Public Use Area (PUA) in 2006.  The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was directed through that legislation to develop a management plan for the PUA.  Since then, DNR has conducted extensive land status and resource analysis and has held seven public meetings in local communities.  We have also met with individuals, organizations, and with representatives of the Borough, ADF&G and several other agencies.  The purpose of these meetings was to gather information necessary to develop the plan and allow the public to have feedback into the development of the plan.

Based on resource information and results of the public process, including substantial departmental review, a draft of the plan has been completed.  The public is encouraged to review and comment on it.  To receive full consideration and to be able to request reconsideration of a plan adopted by the commissioner, written comments must be received by 5:00pm AST, Friday, May 2, 2008.

You can request a CD containing a copy of the plan through the website or through the contact information provided below.  Copies of the plan will be available at local public libraries in Palmer and Wasilla, DNR’s Public Information Center at 550 W 7th Ave. in Anchorage, and at the Matanuska-Susitna Borough office at 350 E Dahlia Ave. in Palmer.  A limited number of hard copies will be printed and will be available by request in the near future.

DNR will hold public hearings in Anchorage, Butte and Wasilla.  The purpose of these meetings will be to present information on the PRD, provide a brief question and answer period, and provide an opportunity for the public to comment on the plan document.

The dates, locations, and times of the open house meetings are:

March 25th Butte  Butte Elementary School 6:30-9:00pm
March 27th Wasilla Teeland Middle School 6:30-9:00pm
March 28th Anchorage  Wendler Middle School  6:30-9:00pm

You can view the PRD below and provide public comments on the PRD on this website.  This site provides up to date information on the planning process and management of the PUA.  Through this site you may also subscribe to the contact list and view previous comments submitted during the development of the management plan.

If you would like to have your name removed from the contact list or are no longer interested in this process, please contact this office to request your name be removed.

For information related to the planning process please contact:

Brandon McCutcheon, Plan Project Manager    
Resource Assessment and Development    
Department of Natural Resources Phone:  907-334-2551
550 W 7th Ave., Suite 1050  Fax:  907-269-8915
Anchorage, AK 99501 Email:

Complete Plan (PDF) (14 MB)
For convenience, we have broken the plan down into smaller files, below..

Preface (PDF) (115 KB)
Includes:  Cover / Title Page / Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Introduction and Background (PDF) (145 KB)
Includes:  Summary of Purpose / The Planning Area / The Public Use Area / Why the Draft Plan Was Developed / How the Draft Plan Was Developed / How the Draft Plan Will be Used / What the Plan Will or Will Not Do / Relationship of PUA Statutes to Other Statutes / Relationship to Other Plans and Agreements
Map 1-1:  Planning Area (PDF) (1.5 MB)
Map 1-2:  General Land Status (PDF) (1.1 MB)

Chapter 2:  Goals and Management Guidelines (PDF) (175 KB)
Introduction (PDF) (35 KB)
Access (PDF) (35 KB)
Commercial Use (PDF) (25 KB)
Coordination (PDF) (30 KB)
Facilities (PDF) (25 KB)
Fees (PDF) (25 KB)
Fish and Wildlife Habitat (PDF) (35 KB)
Forestry (PDF) (30 KB)
Health and Safety (PDF) (50 KB)
Map 2-1:  Recommended Designated Shooting Areas (PDF) (618 KB)
Heritage/Cultural (PDF) (30 KB)
Materials (PDF) (30 KB)
Mitigation (PDF) (20 KB)
Parcel Acquisition (PDF) (30 KB)
Public Use Sites (PDF) (35 KB)
Map 2-2:  Public Use Sites (PDF) (1.7 MB)
Recreation (PDF) (45 KB)
Map 2-3:  Forested Uplands & Un-vegetated Shorelands in Management Units A & C (PDF) (1.3 MB)
Map 2-4:  Wetlands (PDF) (1.4 MB)
Subsurface Resources (PDF) (30 KB)
Trails (PDF) (30 KB)
Waterbodies (PDF) (60 KB)

Chapter 3:  Management Guidelines, Recommendations, and Public Use Sites for Each Management Unit (PDF) (180 KB)
Introduction (PDF) (25 KB)
Map 3-1:  Knik River Management Plan Units (PDF) (1.2 MB)
Unit A – Lower Knik Flats (PDF) (50 KB)
Map 3-2:  Proposed Waterbody Restrictions (PDF) (808 KB)
Unit B – Lakes and Wetlands (PDF) (60 KB)
Map 3-3:  Rippy Non-motorized Area (PDF) (635 KB)
Unit C – Upper Knik Flats (PDF) (40 KB)
Unit D – Upper Jim Alpine (PDF) (35 KB)
Unit E – Upper Friday Alpine (PDF) (35 KB)
Unit F – Grasshopper Valley (PDF) (35 KB)
Unit G – Glacier (PDF) (30 KB)
Unit H – Metal Creek (PDF) (60 KB)

Chapter 4:  Implementation (PDF) (85 KB)
Includes:  Introduction / General Management of PUA Lands / Access to Public Lands / Trails Management Process / Knik River Special Use Areas / Amendments to Current Area Plans / Land Classification Order / Enforcement / Title 38 Requirements / Authority of Management Plan / Allowed and Prohibited Uses / Proposed Regulations / Fees / Other Lands / Navigable Waterbodies / Coordination with Other Agencies / Procedures for Plan Review, Modification, and Amendment / Recommended Future Studies

Appendices (PDF) (250 KB)
Includes:  Glossary / Fish and Wildlife Habitat / Proposed Regulations / Trails Management Process / Special Use Area Designation / Plan Amendments / Land Classification Order / Public Trust Doctrine / Legislation / Implementation of Commercial Use Policy / Knik River Public Use Area Signature Page
Map B-1:  Anadromous Streams and Waterbodies (PDF) (1.1 MB)
Map B-2:  Waterfowl Habitat (PDF) (1.2 MB)
Map B-3:  Moose Habitat (PDF) (1.1 MB)
Map B-4:  Dall Sheep Habitat (PDF) (1.2 MB)
Map E-1:  Proposed Knik River Special Use Areas (PDF) (800 KB)