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Division News

Director's Fee Order for Knik River Shooting Range

February 13, 2018
    ANWR Boundary Dispute Map

    The State of Alaska has an appeal before the Interior Board of Land Appeals concerning the boundary of ANWR at the Canning River. The US Fish and Wildlife Service assertion of this boundary includes lands which were not included in the Public Land Order No. 2214 legal description.

    Share your GPS Data.
    • DNR Survey Section is encouraging participation in the National Geodetic Survey's (NGS) "Sharing your OPUS Solution" program. You can make a difference; don't let your GPS data go to waste.
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Mining Topics

Proposed Regulations

  • None at this time.

Public Scoping Notices (A.O. 266)

January 29, 2018

Possible Updates and Revisions to Regulations Regarding Conveyance of Materials and Other Arrangements for Materials as Mitigation of Flooding Areas

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