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News, Notices, and Hot Topics

Division News

Decision Reached on Water Application in Chuitna River Watershed

August 28, 2018 View Page

Director's Fee Order for Division of Mining, Land and Water Fees

June 12, 2018

Notice of Adopted Changes to Regulations

None at this time.

Notice of Withdrawal of Proposed Regulations

None at this time.

Proposed Regulations

Notice of Proposed Changes in the Regulations of the Department of Natural Resources Regarding Generally Allowed Uses of State Public Domain Land Under 11 AAC 96.020(a)(5)(A)

January 25, 2019

Public Scoping Notices (A.O. 266)

Notice of Public Scoping for Possible Revisions of DNR Regulations Regarding Conveyance of Beds of Certain Navigable Waters to Municipalities Under 11 AAC 51.045

February 1, 2019

Online Registrations & Permits

Commercial Recreational Day Use Registration
Available Online
Non-Timber Forest Products Harvest Permits
Available Online
Kasilof River Mooring Buoy - General Permit
Not available online, visit page for instructions

Mining News & Topics

Public Notice and Comment Period Open on the Donlin Gold Project

Open Jan. 28, 2019 Closes March 29, 2019

Donlin Gold, LLC., is proposing to develop an open-pit hard rock gold mine on private lands. As part of the mine development effort, applications have been submitted for several support facilities and infrastructure on state lands. The purpose of this notice is to allow the public to review and comment on the applications and preliminary decisions drafted by Southcentral Regional Land Office. In addition, the Resource Assessment and Development Section proposes to amend the Kuskokwim Area Plan.

Other Hot Topics & Links

ANWR Boundary Dispute Map

The State of Alaska has an appeal before the Interior Board of Land Appeals concerning the boundary of ANWR at the Canning River. The US Fish and Wildlife Service assertion of this boundary includes lands which were not included in the Public Land Order No. 2214 legal description.

Meadow Creek and Little Meadow Creek Reservations of Water

Upper and Lower Fish Creek Reservations of Water

Mulchatna River Reservations of Water

Stuyahok River Reservations of Water

Share your GPS Data.

DNR Survey Section is encouraging participation in the National Geodetic Survey's (NGS) "Sharing your OPUS Solution" program. You can make a difference; don't let your GPS data go to waste.

Kasilof River Special Use Area (KARSUA), North Side Improvements

Bristol Bay Area Plan Amendment 2013

Public Access Assertion and Defense needs your assistance to help preserve public access on Alaska roads and trails

Land Sales

Bureau of Land Management 2009

Information Resources