Aquatic Farm Sites Available for Lease Over-The-Counter (OTC)

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A Site Location Packet for each site (listed below) is available to help you obtain all the necessary authorization from DNR, DEC, and Fish and Game to site and construct your aqautic farm project. The packet includes instructions, guidelines, forms, maps, contacts, checklists, and additional general information to help you.

To purchase a Site Location Packet for an Aquatic Farm Site (listed below) call our Southeast Information Office at 907-465-3400 for additional information. A $25 dollar fee will apply. Please reference a Lease No. below when calling to purchase a site packet. You will have 60 days from date of purchase to complete and return the packet.

Zimovia Islets  Area

Lease No.
Culture Method
Farm Size
ACMP Determination
ADL 107106
Suspended Culture
3 Acres
Designated Areas
  Document (PDF)   Map (PDF)

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