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Subdivision Parcel Status Summary

Number of parcels in each subdivision and their current status.

SubdivisionOfferedSoldFor SaleSuspendedWithdrawn
Albert Creek33000
Albert Creek Homestead22000
Albert Creek RRCS11000
Alder View65500015
Alder View Addn53300023
Alexander Creek West120530610
Amber Lakes North1414000
Aniak-Doestock RRCS22000
Any Creek Remote10001
Appel II55000
Appel II RRCS55000
Appel Mt. Homestead44000
Asls 98-1111000
Bald Mountain6960000
Bald Mountain II Remote33000
Bartlett Hills4341000
Bartlett Hills Tract D22000
Bear Creek10000
Bear Creek Remote11000
Bear Creek Remote Odd Lot10000
Bear Lake Remote22000
Bear's Den3024000
Bears Den11000
Beaver Creek53002
Beaver Creek53002
Beaver Creek Ak2720002
Beaver Creek Ak2720002
Bench Lake3030000
Big Delta22000
Big River33000
Big River Remote66000
Big River Remote66000
Big River South22000
Bluff Cabin Ridge RRCS1010000
Blying Sound Remote88000
Bodenburg Creek Odd Lot11000
Bruce Lake32001
Cannery Creek22000
Cannery Creek Homestead21001
Canyon Lake2927000
Caribou Creek76000
Caribou Creek Remote11000
Caribou Creek Remote Odd Lot11000
Cascade Creek Odd Lot11000
Cathedral Bluffs OTE22000
Central Homesites11000
Central Odd Lots11000
Chandalar Lake33000
Chase II2726001
Chase II Alaska6120570
Chase II Remote Odd Lots44000
Chase Remote10001
Chase Remote Odd Lot43000
Chena Hot Springs II33000
Chena South Remote22000
Cheri Lake3030000
Chignaki Pond77000
Chignaki Pond, Phase I3230000
Chignaki Pond, Phase II6348000
Chleca Lakes1010000
Circle Hot Springs10001
Clark Bay North3026000
Clear Sky55000
Clear Sky Homestead22000
Clearwater Road55000
Clover Pass88000
Coffman Cove108000
Cohoe Ak44000
Copper Bluff2626000
Copper Center OTE3532000
Copper Heights2010080
Cosna RRCS22000
Craig Lake33000
Crazy Mountain Homestead55000
Creek Bend House11000
Crosswind Lake21001
Crosswind Lake RRCS22000
Crosswind Lake Small Lots1111000
Crosswind Lake South11000
Crown Point House11000
Deadman Lake197177000
Delta Ag4443000
Delta Ag Homesites55000
Delta Homesites2727000
Delta Oddlots66000
Denali View1312000
Dillinger River33000
Dillingham A Odd Lots11000
Dillingham B Odd Lots11000
Dillingham B OTE10000
Dillingham OTE22000
Dillingham Remote11000
Dillingham Remote Odd Lots44000
Dinglishna Hill98000
Disappointment Creek RRCS33000
Dog Sled1111000
Dog Sled West11000
Donkey Terraces RRCS1212000
Dugan Hills1111000
Dugan Hills RRCS44000
Dune Lake163570134
Eagle II22000
Edna Bay44000
Excursion Inlet South22000
Fairbanks Odd Lot65000
Fairbanks Odd Lots11000
Far Mountain33000
Far Mountain OTE11000
Fire Lake Ak11000
Fireweed Mountain32000
Fireweed Remote Odd Lot11000
Four Mile Hill76000
Four Mile Hill Ag11000
Fox River Addn88000
Frederick Point East1515000
Frederick Point North3729000
Freshwater Bay3232000
Friday Creek22000
Gate Creek Remote Odd Lot77000
Geskakmina Lake9853040
Glennallen Area I64010
Glennallen Area II1212000
Glennallen I3630000
Glennallen II4929017
Glennallen Odd Lot11000
Glennallen OTE2019000
Gold King11000
Goose Creek Commercial55000
Happy Creek2121000
Harding Lake2525000
Harris River44000
Harris River West1614000
Harris River West, Offer II1111000
Hayes Creek126116000
Haystack Extension65000
Healy Homestead Area11000
Hewitt Lake Remote22000
Hewitt-Whiskey Lakes61005
Hewitt-Whiskey Lakes Addition II81130067
Hewitt-Whiskey Lakes I100170077
High Mountain Lakes224620198
High Mountain Lakes Addition45140031
Hiline Lake Odd Lots2215007
Hiline Lake Small Tract11000
Hiline Lakes Homestead22000
Hollis Anchorage Addn 133000
Homer Odd Lot11000
Homer Remote22000
Hoonah Odd Lot11000
Hurricane Remote11000
Hurricane Remote Odd Lot21000
Hyder Townsite33000
Iditarod Flats Odd Lot11000
Iksgiza Lake7065000
Iksqiza Lake11000
Indian River7067000
Jack Bay Homestead Odd Lot11000
Jack II22000
John Lake77000
Johnson Creek Homestead11000
Johnson Creek Remote Odd Lots44000
Johnson Creek RRCS99000
June Creek3422276665
Kahiltna Flats6735361397
Kahiltna II Remote Odd Lots66000
Kakhonak Lake RRCS22000
Kantishna River Remote22000
Kashwitna River Recreation Lot53000
Kasilof Ak77000
Keene Channel33000
Kelly Lake33000
Kenney Lake2221000
Kenny Creek4948000
Kenny Lake Subdivision11000
Kentucky Creek44000
Kentucky Creek II4237000
Kentucky Creek Odd Lot76010
Kichatna Remote Odd Lots22000
Kindamina Lake4536300
Kobe North Agricultural66000
Kogrukluk River117004
Kogrukluk River RRCS55000
Kupreanof Peninsula Homestead66000
Kutna Creek3327200157
Kutna Remote66000
Kutna Remote Odd Lot11000
Lake Creek Homestead75000
Lake Creek McDougal11000
Lake Creek McDougal Odd Lot11000
Lake Creek McDougal Remote11000
Lake Creek McDougal Remote Odd Lot10000
Lake Creek Non Ag Homestead22000
Lake Louise2323000
Lake Louise East1010000
Lake Louise East Remote Odd Lot11000
Lake Louise East RRCS11000
Lake Louise Small Lots55000
Leroux View Remote Odd Lot54001
Lincoln Creek99000
Lisianski View1210000
Little Goldstream1413001
Lockwood Lake2323000
Lockwood Lake Homestead11000
Lockwood Lake RRCS88000
Loon Lake44000
Loon Lake Remote11000
Loon Lake Remote Odd Lot22000
Lost Creek66000
Lost Creek RRCS33000
Lucy Lake Ak33000
Mariner's Walk11000
Mariners Walk53000
Mat Su Odd Lot22000
Mat Valley Odd Lot44000
Mat Valley Odd Lot - Lynx Lake1312000
Mc Cloud1816000
McGrath Townsite Add I11000
McGrath Tracts A & B22000
McKenzie Creek22000
Montana Creek Odd Lot77000
Moose Creek East44000
Moose Creek East RRCS21100
Mount Ryan RRCS33000
Mountain Point44000
Mucha Lake II RRCS308806
Mud Bight Alaska11000
Mystery Alaska3535000
Mystery Alaska, Phase II6558000
Mystery Phase II88000
Nakwasina Sound74300
Naukati Bay East11000
Naukati Bay West33000
Naukati Bay West Addition 133000
Naukati Bay West Addn1818000
Naukati Bay West, Addition No. 13636000
Naukati Bay West, Addition No. 13636000
Naukati Commercial1717000
Nenana Ridge West43000
Nenana South2616060
Nenana South2616060
Ninemile Creek3636000
Ninemile Creek Remote Odd Lot11000
Ninemile RRCS44000
North Diamond Lake2121000
North Fork Big River RRCS11000
Nowitna River1010000
Nowitna River RRCS22000
O'Connor Creek66000
Old Skid Road1313000
Olnes East77000
Olnes West22000
Onestone Lake131527153
Otter Lakes2117000
Panguingue Creek55000
Parker Lake4638000
Pelican Small Lots66000
Peter's Creek11000
Peters Creek2827000
Pinnacle Mountain22000
Porcupine Butte77000
Port Protection2019000
Puppy Haven Odd Lot44000
Quartz Creek22000
Quartz Creek West85000
Quartz Creek West RRCS22000
Rabideux East Odd Lot22000
Redlands RRCS11000
Ridge Rock22000
Ridgeview Addition I4038000
Ridgeview Alaska Phase I2624000
Ridgeview, Addition I2020000
Robe Lake1713000
Robertson River Remote Odd Lot11000
Robertson River RRCS66000
Rocky Lake Alaska11000
Safari Lake3432000
Salcha Ag11000
Schnieder Lake Small Lot11000
Selatna RRCS22000
Sevenmile Homestead11000
Shell Hills1622205133
Shell Lake North2522200142
Shell Lake North Odd Lot11000
Shell Lake Small Lot22000
Shelter Island11000
Skagway Townsite11000
Skwentna Flats35120020
Skwentna Flats Remote65001
Skwentna Flats Remote65001
Skwentna OTE11000
Skwentna Station2413000
Skwentna Station2413000
Skwentna Station2413000
Skyridge Drive1414000
Slate Creek11000
Small Lakes5345000
Small Lakes Aliquot Parts Sd44000
Small Lakes Oddlot11000
Snake Lake3332000
Snake River1010000
South Bald Mountain4831090
South Caribou Lake4342000
South Caribou Lake Addn99000
South Lake Louise Homestead11000
South Thorne Bay Addition3020000
South Thorne Bay Addition 111000
South Thorne Bay Addition I22000
Southwind Homestead66000
Summit Lake11000
Sunday Lakes RRCS63300
Super Cub116240092
Susitna Lake Small Lots2525000
Susitna River Odd Lots55000
Swan Lake Alaska1212000
Talachulitna West62200
Talkeetna Bluffs2017000
Talkeetna Bluffs Add'N44000
Talkeetna Bluffs Addition11000
Talkeetna Foothills22000
Talkeetna Foothills Homestead1313000
Talkeetna Odd Lot55000
Tanana River West II Remote20002
Tatalina Odd Lot22000
Tatalina Remote Parcels99000
Tatalina RRCS32001
Tatalina Sd77000
Taylor Mountain North RRCS22000
Tazlina Hills1312000
Tazlina Northwest66370281
Tazlina Southwest80450340
Teklanika Channel Lake4343000
Teklanika Homestead Area11000
Teklanika II33000
Teklanika II RRCS11000
Teklanika River11000
Tenakee Springs11000
The Lakes2323000
Thorne Bay55000
Three Mile33000
Three Mile (Glenn 2)2323000
Tok (Tetlin Trail)8576090
Tok (Tetlin Trail)8576090
Tok (Tracts 3 & 4)11000
Tok Junction OTE11000
Tok Junction Surveyed OTE11000
Tok Replat44000
Tok Tract 540250150
Tok Triangle Phase I11000
Tok Triangle Phase II2322000
Tok Triangle Phase III55000
Tok Triangle Phase IV1212000
Tok Triangle, Phase I3030000
Tok Triangle, Phase II1010000
Tok Triangle, Phase II1010000
Tok Triangle, Phase III88000
Tok Triangle, Phase IV1010000
Tok Triangle, Phase IV1010000
Tonsina North22000
Totek Lake6464000
Tower Bluffs6767000
Tower Bluffs RRCS55000
Trail Ridge45100296
Trapper Creek Glen133127000
Tree Swallow42000
Twin Lakes Remote11000
Two Mile Lake22000
Ugak Bay Remote Odd Lot11000
Ugak Bay RRCS1010000
Upper George Inlet11000
Vallenar Bay6965003
Volkmar Lake RRCS22000
Warren-S/B Just Asls 79-13811000
Weary River22000
Weary River Homestead22000
West Fork44000
West Fork44000
West Fork RRCS11000
West Twin Lake2117100
Whale Pass Commercial44000
Whale Passage11000
Whale Passage Add 11211001
Whale Passage Add 522000
Whale Passage Addition #299000
Whale Passage Addition #355000
Whale Passage Addition 222000
White Mountain1413000
White Mountain Remote22000
White Mountain Remote Odd Lot21000
White Mountain RRCS55000
Wien Lake RRCS66000
Wien Lake West2220200
Willow Creek6140090
Windy Creek32000
Windy Hills11000
Wood River22000
Wrangell Narrows44000
Yenlo Hills II Remote22000
Yenlo Hills Remote22000
Yenlo Hills Remote Odd Lots54000
Yentna II11000
Yentna II Remote11000
Yentna II Remote Odd Lot10000
Yentna Remote Odd Lots33000
Yentna Uplands Homestead33000
Zitziana RRCS72500