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Available in the Special Lands Application
Three drop down menus are available:

Federal Grant Reports
In the drop down menu in the upper toolbar of the Special Lands MapGuide application you may choose from a variety of reports that provide information about parcels acquired using federal grants. These reports are automatically generated using data from the Land Administration System (LAS). You may choose from the following:

These reports are configured to provide the file number and casetype of the parcel, the case subtype, the acreage, and information about any restrictions associated with a particular parcel and the date the restriction was placed on the parcel. Double clicking the flie number of any parcel in any report will allow you to view the more detailed LAS record.

EVOS Parcel Reports
These reports utilize the same format as the federal grant reports described above. You may choose to look at all EVOS acquired parcels, fee acquisitions (OSL) or conservation easements (LSH).

Management Rights Reports
Reports are available that list the parcels assigned via management rights to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation for management. Management rights are assigned an ADL number and the report will display the File Type and Number, the customer name, the subtype, acreage and the restriction code, date and description.

Report on a Specific Parcel or Group of Parcels
You may also get a report on a specific parcel or group of parcels by selecting that parcel(s) in the map window and then double clicking on the paper icon in the MapGuide toolbar just above the map. A report will be displayed containing the information described above for the federal grants and EVOS reports.

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