How to Zoom to a Selected Feature in MapGuide

  • Navigate to the general area you are interested in.

  • Turn on/off layers, so the themes that you want to select from are displayed in the legend.

  • Right click anywhere inside the map.

  • Choose Select, then Map Objects from the pop-up menu.

  • Select the single layer/theme in the Map Layers from which you wish to choose a feature. Included in the list will be all the layers currently turned on.
  • The Map Features column will list individual features for the selected themes. Select as many as you like. Hold down the shift key while you click on the item to select more than one.

    The selected items/features will be highlighted. Sometimes it may be difficult to see what has been selected because of the size of the parcel(s) and the scale at which the data is being displayed.

  • To Zoom to the selected items:
    • Right click on the map.
    • Select Zoom, then Selected from the pop-up menus.
    • The selected items should be displayed in the window.

      If you have selected items that are not close together you may still have a difficult time seeing all of them. Try selecting only one or two features.

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