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MapGuide Plug-in Installation

To use the Special Management Lands MapGuide application you must install a plug-in for the browser you plan to use. The plug-ins may be downloaded from the AutoDesk MapGuide site. This link allows you to download the plug-in specific to the browser you are using. Make note of the directory in which you store the downloaded file.

  • Internet Explorer, Download ActiveX Control
  • Netscape Navigator, Download Plug-In
  • MacOSX, Download Java Edition

If you use both Internet Explorer and Netscape, install the plug-ins for both browsers.

If you have questions about the download or installation you may call Michele Gorham at 269-8605.

Things to keep in mind:

In order to install the plug-in you must have administrator privileges on your machine.

If you are using Netscape or Mozilla, you need to know where the plug-in directory is located. The easiest way to determine this is to look at the properties for your browser. Right click on the icon on your desktop that you normally click to access the Internet. Click on properties. Something similar to the graphic shown below will be displayed. Make note of the Target.

In this case the target is: C:\Program Files\Netscape7

When you install the plug-in you need to install it in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Netscape7\Plugins

Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer double click on the file you downloaded from AutoDesk. Accept all the defaults. Keep clicking on next, until the installation is complete. Then click on finish, as shown below.


If you use Netscape or Mozilla double click on the file you downloaded from AutoDesk.

After you have started the installation process, you must specify the Plugins directory you are using. This is the location you determined earlier by looking at the properties of your browser icon. Use the Browse button to locate the Plugins directory. (See the first example below.)

Once you have specified the plugins directory, continue to click on next until the installation is complete.

Then click on Finish.

You are now ready to view Maps!


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