How to Find a Quadrangle Area in MapGuide

To locate a specific quadrangle area in MapGuide, select the 'Zoom GoTo' button from the tool bar. This tool is a magnifying glass with an arrow on top pointing to the right .

A window will pop up with several selections on a pull down menu.

From this menu, select either 1:250 QMQ or 1:63 ITM. This allows you to find either a quarter million USGS quadrangle area (1:250 QMQ), or a specific inch-to-mile quad area (1:63 ITM). In the 'Location' pane, enter the name of the desired quadrangle. If you're unsure of the name or spelling, type in the first few letters and a selection list will appear. This function takes you to the quadrangle area; it does not bring up a USGS quadrangle image.

If you're unsure of the quadrangle name, but know the general vicinity, you can turn on the USGS 1:250 quadrangle grid while viewing the entire state. Then, using the 'Select' arrow, move the curser over the area of interest and the quadrangle name will appear. You may use the Zoom GoTo button to find the specific quadrangle, or use the magnifying glass to enlarge the particular area.

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