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Special Lands Application Help

The Special Management Lands mapping application is an Autodesk MapGuide application. In order to view the mapping component of this application in your web browser you will need to install a MapGuide plug-in.

Map Guide Plug-In Installation

This application allows you to view parcels entered in the State Land Administration System (LAS) that are Other State Lands (OSL) and Limited State Holdings (LSH) as depicted on the status plats in relation to other state interests, topography, hydrography and other physical and cultural features. In the map layer sidebar, the parcels of interest (OSL, LSH) are listed as Other State Title. The application allows you to view these parcels with solid fill or alternatively with a cross hatch that will allow additional information such as USGS quads to show through. As you zoom in you will be provided with additional data viewing options that you can select in the map legend sidebar.

Definition of Map layers
LAS codes used in this application and what they mean

Tools are provided in the upper toolbar of the mapping application that allow you to select parcels, zoom in, zoom out, generate a report about specific parcels as well as utilize additional functionality provided through drop down report selection menus. Additional features in MapGuide allow you to navigate to specific areas of the state quickly and control the zoom capability of the application.

Toolbar Help
Special Lands MapGuide Application Reports>
Zoom to a "Selected" Feature
Find a Quadrangle Area
Find a Township

The MapGuide application allows you to view Status Plat information and create a variety of reports that are generated from the DNR Land Administration System (LAS). The following links provide additional information about the the Status Plat.

The DNR Status Plat
Land Descriptions and Surveys
Status Plat Abbreviations


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