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Land Administration System (LAS)
Codes used in the Special Lands Application

All state lands are entered into the State's Land Administration System. Each parcel is assigned a casetype, a subtype and other descriptive information using a variety of codes and descriptive text. In this application we are looking at three casetypes as described below.

Other State Lands (OSL): Other State Lands are fee title acquired by the State under a variety of authorities, from non-federal owners, but not as part of the state selection entitlement. In this application we will be looking at those lands in which the state has an ownership interest acquired either through an appropriation, EVOS, donation, or conservation easement. These parcels are identified as OSL casetype 114.

Limited State Holdings (LSH): Limited State Holdings are parcels where the state has acquired a partial interest in the property such as a right of enforcement or a conservation easement, a weir site, or another type of limited interest. These parcels are identified as LSH casetype 115.

Management Rights: State lands are often assigned to another agency or another division for day to day management. Management rights are entered into the land administration system along with any restrictions on the use of the parcel. These parcels are assigned management rights casetype 592.

Each of these casetypes can have subtypes associated with a parcel. The subtypes describe additional attributes of the parcel and give the viewer an indication of the purpose for which the parcel was acquired. In this application we are looking at the following subtypes:

  • Conservation Easement (CE)
  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Habitat Acquisitions (EVOS)
  • Donation (DON)
  • Legislative Appropriation (STAN)

Additional information is made available on these parcels through the entry of Transactions. One such transaction is the restrict transaction which is used to identify the funding source such as a federal grant program or identify restrictions or other limitations on use:

  • National Coastal Wetlands Grant Program (NCW)
  • Forest Legacy Program (FL)
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
  • Land Owner Incentive Program (LOIP)
  • North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA)
  • Fish & Wildlife Service Recovery Land Grant (RLG)
  • Recreational Trails Program (RTG)
  • Conservation Easement (CE)
  • Timber Limitation (TL)
  • Miscellaneous (MS)

For the purposes of this application a parcel will be described with a Case type, a subtype and a restrict transaction. Additionally in some cases a transaction assigning management through a management right to another agency or department division will also be described. A Word document outlining this code structure is available as a quick reference tool.


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