Right-of-Way and Permits

ROW Section Overview

The SPCO ROW section processes lease applications and amendments, implements public processes, prepares land contracts, writes decision documents, issues project-specific authorizations, administers rental and other payments, reviews letters of non-objection and performs other functions as necessary.

Lease Administration
Pre-lease Phase
  • Process
  • The ROW section encourages applicants to meet with the SPCO before the formal submittal of a ROW application. Pre-lease meetings help to coordinate future timelines, discuss foreseeable issues, coordinate the public process, discuss acceptable information, and begin early mitigation of environmental and/or public concerns. Once an application is received and determined to be complete a public notice is issued by the SPCO. A Commissioner's Analysis and Proposed Decision is written and a second public notice is issued. Any public comment received by the SPCO is considered and addressed in the Commissioner's final decision. The lease is then offered to the applicant.

    The ROW section also coordinates permitting for pre-lease applicants to help with field research, exploration, and route alignment. If a finding of "fit, willing, and able" is found, then a lease can be issued.

  • ROW Lease Application
Lease Issuance