Polar LNG Pipeline - ADL 419237


Polar LNG, LLC, submitted a revised application dated July 15, 2011, in accordance with the Alaska Right-of-Way Leasing Act, AS 38.35.050, for a proposed Polar LNG right-of-way lease.

Polar LNG, LLC, proposed to construct an above-ground pipeline to transport natural gas. The proposed pipeline would extend from Flow Station 1, Prudhoe Bay Unit, to the Polar LNG Pad, formerly known as "Child's Pad" (Tract 54 of ASLS 76-227) in Deadhorse, located on the North Slope of Alaska. The proposed route would parallel an existing pipeline from Flow Station 1 to Drill Site 12, running west of Drill Site 1, through North Slope Lease Tracts (ASLS 76-227), across an unnamed lake locally known as Lake McDermott, and then east to the Polar LNG Pad. The proposed pipeline right-of-way would contain one 8-inch diameter pipe. The pipeline design maximum throughput is approximately 50 million cubic square feet per day, and will supply gas to a proposed natural gas liquefaction plant.

Polar LNG, LLC, requested a 75-foot wide right-of-way with five 200-foot by 200-foot ice pads for construction of the pipeline and a 30-foot wide permanent right-of-way. The proposed pipeline will be primarily above ground for its 3.8-mile length and will be located entirely on land owned by the State of Alaska. During construction, the right-of-way will be approximately 37 acres. This will be reduced, post-construction, to approximately 14 acres for the permanent right-of-way.

The proposed right-of-way will traverse: Township 10 North, Range 15 East, Umiat Meridian: Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 17, and 18.

Public Notice of Application

Polar LNG Right-of-Way Lease Application


Polar LNG Project: Commissioner's Analysis and Proposed Decision

The Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) received an amended application, dated April 10, 2012, from Polar LNG, LLC, for a pipeline Right-of-Way Lease under Alaska Statute 38.35 (Right-of-Way Leasing Act) for the proposed Polar LNG pipeline project. The public notice of the application was published in accordance with AS 38.35.070 on April 13, 2012. In accordance with AS 38.35.080 the Commissioner prepared an analysis of the Polar LNG, LLC, application.

Public Notice of Commissioner's Analysis and Proposed Decision

Commissioner's Analysis and Proposed Decision

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