Nuiqsut Natural Gas Pipeline


Nuiqsut Natural Gas Pipeline operations building housing control center, valve room and pig launcher/receiver.

The North Slope Borough constructed Nuiqsut Natural Gas Pipeline to transport natural gas from the ConocoPhillips Alpine production pad to the village of Nuiqsut, located within the Colville River Delta.

The 14.4-mile NNGP shares horizontal and vertical supports with the Alpine pipelines from the production pad to the west bank of the Colville River, where it transitions belowground and continues to the village. Approximately 2.4 miles of the 14.4-mile NNGP are located on State of Alaska land. State lands include a section of the aboveground pipeline and the trenched crossing of the Nechelik Channel of the Colville River.

NNGP is a 3.5-inch diameter coiled tubing pipeline with a wall thickness of 0.203 inches designed to operate at 1,440 psig. NNGP was supplied with an external coating applied at the factory. A continuous magnesium strip cathodic protection system was installed on the below ground portion.

The pipeline is subject to USDOT/PHMSA jurisdiction and operates under 49 CFR 192 regulatory requirements.

The pipeline project began in 1999; construction was completed soon after. Operational startup of the pipeline was delayed for eight years. Pipeline operation delivering natural gas for heating and production of electricity to the community of 380 residents began in September 2008. In 2009, service was available to 122 homes and 30 commercial buildings.

Nuiqsut is the third North Slope community (after Barrow and Deadhorse) to provide heat and generate electricity from natural gas. 2009 was the first full year of operations for the pipeline system.

Nuiqsut Gas Lease - ADL 416202