Milne Point Pipelines


Milne Point pipelines VSM 222 to VSM 432

There are two SPCO jurisdictional pipelines associated with Milne Point operations; Milne Point Pipeline, which is a sales oil pipeline, and Milne Point Product Pipeline, which is a NGL supply pipeline. The Milne Point Pipeline was built in 1984 and 1985 to transport processed sales oil from the Milne Point Unit to the Kuparuk Pipeline System. The approximately 10-mile Milne Point Pipeline connects the Milne Point Central Facilities Pad (CFP) at Module 58 to the Kuparuk Pipeline at a point that is shortly beyond Module 68, after crossing under Spine Road, just east of Central Processing Facility (CPF)-1.

Milne Point Pipeline

On May 29, 2014, BP Transportation (Alaska) Inc. requested that DNR approve the transfer of its interest in Milne Point Pipeline, LLC, to Harvest Alaska, LLC. The DNR Commissioner's analysis of the transfer of interest request is available below.

Analysis of Transfer of Interest Request

The original Milne Point right-of-way lease agreement between the State of Alaska and Milne Point Pipeline Co. became effective January 15, 1985. The original lease expiration date was May, 2, 2004. The lease was amended November 26, 2002; as renewed the Milne Point Pipeline lease will expire on May 2, 2034.

Milne Oil Lease - ADL 410221

Milne Point Products Pipeline

The Right-of-Way Lease became effective December 5, 2000 between the State of Alaska and Milne Point Pipeline Company for transportation of natural gas liquids. The lease expires on December 4, 2030.

Milne Products Lease - ADL 416172

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Milne Oil, Amend. No. 1, 2c, Statute Change Renewal Term Extension, 6-28-2002

Milne Oil, Amend. No. 2, 2a, Lease Renewal expiration date changed to 5-2-2034, 11-26-2002

Milne Point Products Pipeline Amendments

Milne Point Products Amend. No. 1, 2c, Statute Change Renewal Term Extension, 11-12-2002

Milne Point Products Amend. No. 2, Release of Interests, 9-20-2011